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Tensile Membranes Dubai Airport
Dubai Airport

Faraz Aqil, Director, Mehler Texnologies, India

Tensile Structures are not new to the human being and man has been smart enough to use this form of construction since ancient times using available resources in those times. Classic examples include primordial tents using animal skin and the native Indian tents. Ancient Roman stadiums had retractable shades as shelters for the spectators made out of woven hump. The first development, however, in the modern Tensile Structures came when Frey Otto developed a 4-point sail using industrial coated PVC-Acrylic fabrics in 1995.

Mehler - D Y Patil stadium, Navi Mumbai

There was no looking back with new and interesting structures taking shape across the world using different kinds of architectural membranes.

Stadion Miejski, Poznan
Stadion-Miejski, Poznan

General Advantages of Tensile Structures

  • It is easy to cover large areas with very large spans minimising the use of any kind of additional supporting structures. It becomes easy for architects to design roofs over complex spaces where it is difficult to use conventional forms of roofing solutions or construction materials.
  • Tensile Structures are aesthetically pleasing and provide a soothing environment. It is easy to create natural light conditions with translucent membranes. The structures create better ambience for people seated beneath them. An architect can always use Tensile Structures to recreate weightless and natural forms and generate innovative and eye-catching architecture.

    Restaurant, Sugar-Loa
    Restaurant, Sugar-Loa
  • In today's world where the architects and planners are looking for products which optimise building performances, Tensile Structures can play an important role. By selecting the right kind of membranes at right location, the energy use and building performance can be highly improved.
  • Tensile Structures provide a sustainable form of architecture. The impact to the environment is very low. In today's world, totally recyclable membranes are also available in the market.
Aintree, Liverpool
Aintree, Liverpool

Mehler Texnologies is a part of Low & Bonar Group of UK and one of the world's largest manufacturers of technical textiles. The company specialises in manufacturing of high-end PVC Coated membranes for tensile structures. Almost twenty years ago, Mehler Texnologies was the first European company to develop PVC coated tensile membranes with a weldable PVDF lacquer as a top coat. The fabric is supplied under the brand name VALMEX® FR and is available in various types (Type I, II, III, IV, V & VI). Continuous development and processing has led to a very fine double lacquer of PVDF on both sides of the fabric. This provides excellent anti pollution properties which make the fabric easily maintainable and enhances the life of the fabric manifold.

In-house weaving and coating ensures manufacturing of high-end products with very high strengths and excellent finish.

Why VALMEX® FR always remains the choice for architects and manufacturers of tensile structures:

Project Name Area Membrane Specs Year of Completion
Dr. D Y Patil Cricket Stadium, Navi Mumbai 10000 sq. mtrs. VALMEX® FR 1000 Dec 2008
IBM Food Court, Bangalore 1780 sq. mtrs. VALMEX® FR 1400 March 2005
Archery Pavilion, Yamuna Vihar Sports Complex 5000 sq. mtrs. VALMEX® FR 900 Feb 2010
Sail Sculpture on Dam Wall, Amby Valley 1500 sq. mtrs. VALMEX® FR 900 Dec 2003
Stadium for the European Football Championship 2012, Poznan, Poland 52.000 sqm VALMEX® FR 1400 September 2010
Grand Pavilion of The Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Australia 10.240 sqm VALMEX® FR 1000 April 2006
Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, U.K. 600 sqm VALMEX® FR 1400 January 2007
Restaurant at Sugar Loaf cable-car station, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1.000 sqm VALMEX® FR 900 March 2008
Lucheng Olympic Bike Stadium, Beijing, China 12.000 sqm VALMEX® FR 1000 October 2006
Car park Dubai Airport, U.A.E. 30.000 sqm VALMEX® FR 900 May 2007
Sports Stadium, Harbin, China 30.000 sqm VALMEX® FR 1000 October 2007

  • Both sides coating of high concentration weldable PVDF lacquer
  • Welding without the need of grinding avoids damaging the base fabric
  • 100% UV retardant
  • Light weight and high strength
  • Low-wick treated
  • Flame retardant Resistant to microbial and fungal attack
  • Very easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Translucent, thus enhancing power savings
  • 100% recyclable, a good example of environmentally safe and sustainable architecture
  • 10 - 15 years warranty
  • Available in various widths and sizes
Lucheng, Bike hall
Lucheng, Bike hall

Mehler Texnologies firmly believes in the philosophy of producing the best products and providing world class services to its customers. In its endeavour to promote its high end VALMEX® FR range in India, Mehler Texnologies started its operations in India in October 2007 with a sales office and warehouse in Gurgaon. Now, the company has extended its sales offices in other parts of India including Mumbai and Bangalore. With well appointed Technical Sales Team, the company endeavours to provide the infrastructure fraternity including architects and fabricators with all possible assistance.
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