Aldo Guardini Mario Li berali Andreas De Rosi
From L to R: Aldo Guardini, Technical Director; Mario Liberali, General Manager; Andreas De Rosi, Roverplastik India Area Manager
Italy-based Roverplastik S.p.A. has been promoting its value-added products to help enhance the performance of doors & windows to seal the pollution out of the closed premises. Founded in 1965, the company manufactures a range of products including motorized roller blinds, roller blind boxes, motors for hung shutters, weather-strips for wooden door and window frames, aluminium sections for water-drip, PVC folding doors and RoverBlok, a special prefabricated counter-frame system for doors and windows.

"We are here with ESP series of gaskets and prefabricated counter-frame system for doors & windows," said Mr. Aldo Guardini, the company's Technical Director. Explaining about the offerings, he added, "While we are speaking about the performance of a window, we are talking about acoustics adding comfort to the space. And, when we discuss about weather resistance, we talk about air-permeability as we don't want air or water leakage in the premises. Keeping these factors in view, all our products are developed in-house including the tools for extrusion."

"With 40 years of experience, Roverplastik S.p.A. is the leading company for creativity and technological innovation in the field of products conceived for a comfortable home. Over the years, the company has widened its product range," said Mr. Mario Liberali, General Manager, Roverplastik. Describing about the features of ESP series of gaskets, he added, "Our gaskets are developed with high-quality, sustainable material to help the end-product become smart enough to function as the smart envelop. They come in varied designs to suit a particular requirement depending on the shape of the door leaves. Once installed properly, the ESP series of gaskets seal the gap between the frame and the door leaf to achieve the best performance."

Apart from the gaskets, the company also has sub-frames for the windows, which are developed to provide neat and clean window seal after the plastering and painting of the wall is over. "We have specific range of gaskets designed specifically for the wooden or wood-based windows, while the rover frames are universal and can go along with any material – wood-based or composite."

The company is pretty sure for the success of its gaskets as it has been developed in Italy where the temperature varies to reach its extreme – be it cold or hot. "We are hopeful that our gaskets would soon be gaining attention of the door manufacturers as these are developed to withstand extreme weather conditions like India has. For gaskets, we are targeting wooden doors & windows manufacturers; while for our frames, we are looking forward to the fabricators/installers," informed Mr Liberali.

On promotional stuff, Mr. Andreas De Rosi, Managing Director of Eurobrands, the market expansion partner for Roverplastik's offerings in India, said, "As of now, we found that merely 10% doors come with such gaskets in India. We have to work hard to convince the door manufacturers for increased usage of these gaskets, and then pass on the benefits to the end customers by helping them understand the benefits of the same. For this, we are continuously meeting the door manufacturers one by one, besides, promoting through different channels like window & door installers and small carpenters. We are sure that the market will pick up in some time."