Jean Gabriel Creton
Decorative insert door panels manufacturer and an established market leader in Europe, French major, Euradif is excited about the response it has received in last one and a half years, after its first participation in ZAK Doors & Windows Expo 2013. "During this period, we met quite a few parties who have shown their keen interest in our inserts and panels. In fact, the talk with one such party is at the final stages and soon we are going to start the business," said Mr. Jean-Gabriel Creton, the company's CEO. This shows that the company has already started establishing a network of PVC manufacturers and joinery professionals in India.

Euradif was one of the exhibitors in the recently concluded fenesterbau/frontale india 2015 to attract windows, doors, and façades professionals. The company has developed France's most extensive line of decorative panels for PVC and Aluminium main doors. Besides the decorative panels and inserts, the company also showcased its PORTABLOC Aluminium main door as well as a THERMOSTYL main door in PVC/Composite material during the exhibition. The company was here to promote its products in India. "As part of our strategy to extend activities overseas, we have listed out a series of objectives well defined to enter in to the Indian market," said Mr. Creton.

Euradif Door Panels

Highlighting the milestones the company has set objectives for its India foray, he added, "We are so excited with the response here that we have devised specific marketing tools for India which also include the launch of a separate website: this April. This will be a purely Indian version of our software to allow private individuals, specifiers or developers to create/design doors according to their choices and requirements. For this, there will be an array of decorative panels' designs and colour options to choose from to facilitate the website visitors/users to mix-n-match according to the need of the interior. And, once satisfied with his creation, he can place the order with us simply by sharing his design there and then. The company will get in touch with the person and deliver his dream door."

Mr. Creton informed that for smooth supply of panels in India, the company is looking forward to soon have a warehouse for stocking purposes. "We are actually in touch with some companies to establish a stock of 20 different designs, in the first step, to start with. This is expected to get finalized by this May. We are also setting up a sales office to support our operations in India. We will appoint a company representative to ensure enough stock of materials for uninterrupted supplies. This will also be helpful while serving projects. We want to maintain at least 100 designs in the warehouse in time to come."

According to him, for feeding a project, Euradif can deliver 500 designs in the decorative panels segment. "To promote the project business, we want our Indian partners to have a wide base of clientele comprising specifiers i.e. architects, interior designers, contractors, consultants, and builders apart from fabricators."

Considering the rising demand for customised and high-quality materials used for home interiors in India, Euradif has put its decorative panels for PVC1 and Aluminium entrance doors tailored for the Indian market. Designed and manufactured in France, a wide range of original products were put at the disposal of home architects and door manufacturers. "These panels are easily adaptable to various customers' needs, besides providing high resistance from weather and termite. All thanks to the safety laminated glass and termite resistant foam," said Mr Creton.

Elaborating further, Mr Creton added that a unique Italian technology has been imported to deal with the problem of de-lamination in panels. "Modern technology that we have borrowed from Italy prevents yellowing of our panels. We are taking best quality German brand adhesives for pasting the panels. The high quality of our products could be gauged from the fact that last year's after sales service complaints were merely 0.82% of the sales."

Euradif has also invested aplenty for better machineries, computer systems and hiring of engineers, information system managers and other staff. "During the last five years, we have invested €4.5 million in capacity expansion, €3.2 million in machineries and €500,000 in computer systems," Mr. Creton said adding that 40% of the total investments are kept aside for R&D. "Procuring laboratory equipment and R&D accounted for three percent of our 2014 turnover."