Rajendra Pareek
Eternia aluminium windows from Hindalco Industries Limited–a Flagship company of Aditya Birla Group, are available in a wide range of colours and finishes for Residential, Institutionaland Commercial usage.Fabricated and installed by a team of experienced Hindalco-licensed fabricators, Eternia windows are being made with aluminium using precision technology imported from Italy and are completely customisable to give flawless finish to any home.

"We are relatively new in the market. But it hardly matters as the industry is yet to find its pace. The acceptance of aluminium is picking up across the industry and in particular, the residential segment is showing great potentials," said Mr. Rajendra Pareek, Head - Marketing Development Extrusions at Hindalco Industries Limited.

Mr. Pareek informed that the company has entered into this fray three years back with six design options in window systems - three in sliding and three in casement to cater to the contemporary architectural needs. "There are various other options that can be created in combinations, depending on the requirements and individual tastes. However, we will keep adding new systems as and when needed."

Hindalco Aluminium Windows

Speaking about the demand of the aluminium window systems, he said,"Aluminium is the most versatile metal for use in modern day architecture. There is no issue on suitability irrespective of the region. The market for aluminium window systems is spread across the country irrespective of weather and geographies. With attributes like rust-free, resistance from weather, corrosion, and termite, it can withstand very harsh weathering - be it extreme hot, cold, or humid, without showing any deterioration in the shape and size. Once coated, it receives an extra protection layer from weathering. The melting point of aluminium is 650oC, which makes it suitable even for industrial usage."

On the friendliness attribute of Aluminium for environment, Mr. Pareek noted, "Aluminium, being 100% green and recyclable, is inherently environment- friendly. No other material can surpass its benefit to the environment. When compared to uPVC, aluminium can be recycled for any number of times without losing its original properties, while in case of uPVC, there are limitationswhen it comes to recycling and developing the same material."