With our vision to be at the forefront of every building’s architectural requirements, we have been providing high-quality and innovative architectural products for interior and exterior applications, informs Sanjay Khanna, Owner, Heritage Marketing

building’s architectural requirementsBiblioteca Reina Sofia, Spain Product- NBK Terracotta Tiles, Source: ap.hunterdouglas.asia

What is the company’s approach to a project?
At the initial design stage of a project, we coordinate with the architects to better understand the requirements of a client. We then work out an accurate and a durable solution in terms of products and installation. This is for both the interiors and the exteriors of the project.

building’s architectural requirementsHangzhou International Conference Center, China, Product- Quadroclad honeycomb facade, Source: ap.hunterdouglas.asia

Our thorough understanding of consumer needs has enabled us to meet the requirements of architects, homeowners, corporate houses, hospitality sector, government projects, industries, and builders. With our team of experienced professionals, a strong network, and insightful market intelligence, we have emerged as a solution provider for all kinds of projects.

building’s architectural requirements
Through our alliance with well-known international brands, we have been bringing world-class architectural products to the Indian market ever since the company’s inception in 1995

Sanjay Khanna

What do your product offerings include?
We have a huge repertoire of products to suit every taste and requirement of our high-end clients. Through our alliance with various multinational brands, we are bringing the following world-class architectural products to the Indian market:
  • DORMAKABA (Switzerland): Door Solutions, Shower Cabins, Digital Locks, Entrance Systems & Access control. We are the oldest certified business partner of Dormakaba in the northern region – a brand which we introduced exclusively in the year 2002 and have continued to delight our customers with.
  • VMZINC (France): Zinc Façade and Roofing.
  • HAWORTH (USA): Complete range of premium furniture for offices.
  • HUNTER DOUGLAS (Netherlands): Metal and Terracotta Façades, Metal Ceilings, Louvers and Blinds.
  • Technoraill (India)- SS and Glass Railing.
building’s architectural requirementsUniversity of Cambridge, Maxwell Centre, Cambridge(UK), Product- VMZINC Flat lock panel, Source: vmzinc.com

What eco-friendly and sustainable solutions is the company providing?
Our aim is to provide customized solutions by bringing in the latest technologies and high-class products, backed by a high level of services, including installation. Along with keeping up with the latest trends, we also work towards building a better and greener future through use of eco-friendly materials for sustainable developments. It has been our goal to bend the paradigm involving products and services with short, linear life spans into a circular value stream that includes products and services that are a part of a sustainable economy.