Dr. (Honorary Certified) Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies, discusses the latest trends and products in demand and the efforts being made by UWDMA to standardize the fenestration industry of India.

Dr. (Honorary Certified) Mario Schmidt, Managing Director

How is the market for modern fenestration systems growing in India?
The fenestration industry has evolved over the last two decades and the change has been tremendous. The number of fabricators compared to the ones present 20 years ago has grown enormously. There are now more than 3000 companies fabricating uPVC doors and windows and more than 30 system companies across the country which are into uPVC window profile extrusion.

We are proud to announce that the uPVC profile standard is in its final stage and the door and window performance standard work is also under process. In the absence of a BIS Standard, UWDMA created and introduced in 2016 the guideline for window and door fabrication. In 2021 UWDMA (uPVC Window and Door Manufacturers Association) introduced the installation guidelines. We at UWDMA have been travelling extensively to conduct training sessions across the country and many fabricators and their teams have attended the workshops.

What new trends are impacting the fenestration industry of India with respect to materials, designs, and colours?
Customers look for sustainable products and so uPVC is still the favourite one, but Aluminium is also growing in demand, and we are closing plenty of orders there too.

Design wise, customers who have more space, are opting for large size windows and doors. Glass conservatories and skylights are a hot favourite in the southern regions. Customers are also very aware of the security factor and so the award winning Lingel Panzer Glazing (LPG) and Lingel Safety Box (LSB) are now in demand pan India. In-built grills are also being preferred, especially in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Windows sills, which we introduced some time back, are also a favoured product compared to marble or granite as sills.

Dr. (Honorary Certified) Mario Schmidt, Managing DirectorThe Lingel team at the new manufacturing unit in Kapriwas, Rewari, Haryana

Please tell us about some new products launched by Lingel recently and their features, technology, and safety aspects.
Lingel is well-known for its uPVC and Aluminium products. We recently introduced Aluminium 5.0. Besides this, we have 6 unique products that the customers should explore for their homes. These include window sills or trims, glass conservatories, in-built grills, roller shutters that can be used manually or can be automated, Venetian blinds, and skylights. We have also introduced the LPG and LSB, which are complete security window solutions.

Please give instances of some new fenestration projects undertaken by Lingel.
I recall a project in Maharishi Ashram Gajoli where the customer approached us for renovation of the dining hall in the Ashram, which is located north of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. The customer was looking for double pane windows for thermal insulation. The idea was to have a fixed window in the centre (covering what are now two windows), and two openable windows on either side - either sliders or casement style, and with screens.

The customer opted for white uPVC as they were working on a budget. 10 such windows were installed. The products had to be carted to Uttarkashi. And as no transportation was available due to the region being very hilly and inaccessible, the team had to travel by foot to this pristine place. It entailed a walk of about 4 to 5 kms and ensuring that the installation was on done right and on time. The customer was so pleased with the well-engineered product and service that he gave us a very appreciative review on Google.
Dr. (Honorary Certified) Mario Schmidt, Managing Director
Over the years we have kept a very clear target of retail customers, architects, interior designers, customers renovating their homes and offices, and customers who want to explore new fenestration options. We are also expanding our network of channel partners and will soon have many more experience centres across India.

Mario Schmidt
What are your plans to further grow your business in India?
We are targeting areas where we are lesser known and are looking for trusted channel partners to do so. We are strong in most regions but are now looking to expand in the east and in some parts of western and northern regions of India.

We are expanding extensively through are channel partners and will soon have many more experience centres across India. We now have a channel partner in Nepal. Our new giga manufacturing unit is around 1.00,000 sq.ft with a production capacity of 14.000 units /month. This will help us cater to many more customers in many more regions and cut short the wait time for customers.