FENIX® innovative materials are opening new doors for Interior Designers, avers Ajay Khurana, MD, Formica India

Formica India has become the exclusive distributor of FENIX® smart materials following its partnership with Arpa Industriale. What does this new venture entail?
The new relationship between Arpa Industriale and Formica Group dates back to June 2019 with the acquisition of Formica Group by Broadview Holding B.V. Under this partnership, Formica India will include the award-winning FENIX® range in its distribution network with the aim to offer customers world-class Italian design surface materials to create unique interiors.

Formica India Ushering in Smart Materials

Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide. As one of the world’s largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL), its international network of design, manufacturing, distribution and sales operations has made Formica® a global brand.

Since 1954, Arpa has been designing and manufacturing high-quality panels with HPL technology for an array of intended uses, including architecture, interior design, healthcare, shipyards, transportation, hospitality, retail, and kitchen industries. Over 65 years of investments in R&D have won Arpa international repute as a highly reliable player.
Ajay Khurana
Innovation and sustainability are two core values of the Formica Group, whose objective is to create cutting-edge aesthetic and technical solutions to create unique design concepts for interior spaces

Ajay Khurana

What characterizes the FENIX® range?
The FENIX® range of innovative materials was created for interior design application by Arpa Industriale in 2013. They arise from the Italian design tradition, reflected in stylistic choices: from the colours to the overall aesthetic result of the interior applications.

Applying proprietary technologies, the external surface of FENIX® is characterised by use of acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electronic Beam Curing process. With low light reflectivity, the surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. They are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, retail outlets and in offices.

The FENIX® family includes FENIX® NTM® in 20 colours; FENIX® NTA metallic surfaces with the same characteristics, and easy to work with standard carpenter tools used for regular cutting, milling, polishing and drilling; it is also customisable with laser engraving techniques and CNC machining.

Another newly co-developed product is a collection of sinks designed to be integrated with kitchen worktops made of FENIX® NTM. Two models and fourteen colours are available.

FENIX® is distributed in over 70 countries and has obtained numerous awards and recognitions. In India, it is available through dealers and offices across India, and through online shopping stores, and priced from Rs 350/sqft onwards.

What sustainable advantages do FENIX® surfaces offer?
The smart surface of FENIX® has a more natural core, thanks to the use of lignin in the formulation of thermosetting resins, which represents not only a more sustainable choice, but also a significant technical innovation – the outcome of Arpa’s constant investment in research and development.

What care do the surfaces require?
Since FENIX® is an opaque and anti-fingerprint surface, no special maintenance is required; a damp cloth with warm water and almost all regular household cleaning products or disinfectants can be safely used to clean and maintain the surfaces.

Not only this, but thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible by applying an iron and a damp towel/cloth to the relevant area of the surface - provided the scratches have not penetrated the surface. However, the lifespan of the surface will depend on its usage conditions. We also advise that the installation should be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.