Ar. Anupama Mohanram, Green Evolution

Anupama Mohanram
Green Architecture is architecture that is thoughtfully and consciously evolved in order to prevent or minimize environmental degradation. Adoption of eco-friendly building practices in India has been relatively slow-paced over the last decade for various reasons. However, the good news now is that we are slowly witnessing increasing awareness amongst people of the impending global warming and climate changes, which in turn has instigated the need for environmental sustainability in all sectors, buildings being one.

We do foresee more adoption of eco-friendly building construction practices in the near future. In addition, if governmental regulations are brought in to make green buildings mandatory (as already seen in progressive municipalities), we will see a faster growth rate in the adoption of such practices. In general, the whole process has taken too long to sink into the large scale building industry that exists in India today, and although the present scenario is a little better than say about 10 years ago, we still have a long way to go to break into the mould of conventional building methods, materials, and practices.

The main roadblocks have been lack of awareness among the general population about the on-going environmental degradation and its impending consequences, too much focus on initial costing of construction without thinking through the longer-term environmental benefits as well as cost savings that could result from eco-friendly construction practices. There is also a lack of awareness within the building industry about the existence of alternate and green building techniques / materials and their advantages. There has also been the general un-involvement and disinterest of the governing agencies to mandate environmentally sustainable practices.
There is too much focus on initial costing without thinking through the longer-term environmental benefits as well as cost savings that could result from eco-friendly construction practices

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Academy of Social EntrepreneurshipAcademy of Social Entrepreneurship, Kaliyanoor, Tamil Nadu
The Green School commissioned by environmentalists John and Cynthia Hardy and designed by team PT Bambu. It is located near the Ayung River in Bali within a lush native jungle. The use of bamboo that has been sustainably harvested by local farmers, makes a statement, saying that it is possible to construct a relatively large structure using bamboo that provides both structural stability and aesthetics. Bamboo in this case can be equated to using manufactured reinforcement steel. The entire school radiates a ‘natural’ feel! The openness of the entire school incorporating thatch roofing, ensures adequate ventilation and shade in the hot humid climate of Indonesia. The versatility of bamboo is clearly brought out by its innovative use as walls, roofing, railing, doors, bridges and so on. The campus is powered by a number of alternative energy sources including a hydro-powered vortex generator and solar panels. Sustainable gardens, tended by students are part of the school.
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