Keeping the Heritage: B&F Ventures

José Braganza, Joint Managing Director, B&F Ventures, discusses the growing trend for building sustainable and green homes due to buyers' increasing desire for energy-efficient spaces

Jose Branganza

Architecture, in fact, is referred to as a product of culture. Architects are essentially problem solvers and they usually wish to design spaces in tune with the times and culture's changing needs

José Braganza, Joint Managing Director, B&F Ventures

How is the residential sector growing in Goa?

The residential sector has always been growing despite market trends and this will continue to be the case. Besides local residential buyers, real estate has a huge second home market owing to the domestic and NRI buyers. Dual homes fulfill an aspiration for the urban middle class Indians to enjoy more space, beautiful views and luxuries amenities within their means and the trend will continue to grow as preferences change in the way the people live and travel. Goa has been the most favourite holiday destination for the Indians and the development in real estate segment has opened doors for consumers to relish the city as often as they can.

Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon

Material Palette
  • Paint: Asian Paints, Dulux by Nobel
  • Fenestration: Premiere, Prominent
  • Flooring: NITCO
  • Lighting: SSK
  • Roofing: Monier
What building types are most in demand (villas, apartments etc.)?

Villas and apartments are equally in demand in Goa depending on the need and budget of the buyer. Villas are in demand for larger families, for the elderly who will have their families visit them periodically. Then there are buyers that prefer independent luxurious home compared to cramped apartments in cities. Apartments are in demand for young couples & families, digital nomads, buyers wanting manageable vacation homes etc. with the aim to cater to such different segments we have B&F Waterfront, Villa Goesa (Villas) and Blue Lagoon, B&F Amber Gardens I&II, and Bellagio Rezidencia (apartments).

What modern changes are coming into their design and architecture?

Over the years, there has been a distinct change in taste and comfort of the consumers. They now prefer more modern and contemporary designs that define their values. Green and energy efficient spaces have become the fundamental aspects of any structure today. Due to the innovation in technology, they now don't have to choose between the functional and aesthetic value of the space. The use of glass has increased drastically as it offers the aesthetic as well as functional benefits. There are a lot of variations in glass like fire-resistant glass, annealed glass, and laminated glass among others. The idea today is to create a stronger but lighter structure.

Bellagio RezedenciaBellagio Rezedencia

Are you using any modern building techniques, such as pre-cast? If yes, please elaborate.

We use green building products such as fly ash bricks and gypsum plaster. Fly ash brick carry high widespread strength and provide good thermal insulation than red clay bricks. Fly ash bricks are not only environment friendly but are more affordable than clay bricks. Also, Gypsum is a readily available material as opposed to natural sand. It has many benefits such as high productivity, zero curing time, high performance and smooth finish.

The culture of a region is reflected in the architecture of its buildings. Should the onus be on real estate developers and their architects to ensure this?

The onus absolutely lies on architects and developers. Architecture, in fact, is referred to as a product of culture. Architects are essentially problem solvers and they usually wish to design spaces in tune with the times and culture's changing needs. Instead of just building sturdy infrastructure, builders create an atmosphere where people will have various benefits today and in the future. We pride ourselves in keeping alive the Goan-Portuguese heritage while still offering modern comforts in our projects.

Villa GoesaVilla Goesa

Modern building materials or traditional/local materials? How do you balance the two in your projects?

Traditional building materials like cement and steel are essential to ensure that the structure is strong and durable. Modern building materials have their own benefits. It adds the aesthetic value to the property that the traditional building materials may lack. We have balanced both as both are required. We use local materials like river sand, Mangalore tiles, and laterite stone to build our structures and also use modern materials especially for interiors and finishes to provide luxury and comfort in our projects.

Waterfront Villa AVilla (Type - A)

What is the USP of your projects?

Every project of ours is thoughtfully designed and planned, situated in serene surroundings with convenient access to local high street shops and city centers. We offer furnished, ready to occupy homes within secured gated complexes. Each complex is secured and gated with a team of caretakers, security, leasing manager, maintenance supervisor and is kept well maintained, post-occupation. The buildings are of sturdy construction and fault free. Our green initiatives include waste segregation and garbage collection, landscaping etc.
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