Making of a Luxe - Green Building: Conserve Consultants

Rehan Abdul Hakeem
The modern concept of luxury refers to quality, durability, timeless appeal and sustainable architecture. Luxurious properties are not only characterized by their indulgent atmosphere, but also by their eco-friendly upgrades and smart features, writes Ar Rehan Abdul Hakeem, Conserve Consultants

Ushera Residences by Callex Group, located in the heart of the OMR and overlooking the Bay of Bengal is a mix of deluxe amenities and eco-friendly features. Under the direction of Conserve Consultants, the building’s design optimizes sustainability, even as it stands out as a grand gesture of aesthetics and thoughtful planning. Its unique fan format covered by vertical gardens and verdant surroundings is in line with the sophisticated clean architecture and its rich detailing. A porte-cochère reminiscent of a five-star hotel and covered with lush green spaces welcomes the residents.

In targeting the prestigious LEED V4.0 Platinum Certification, the Callex Group has shown its commitment to sustainability. LEED V4.0 is the latest version of the LEED Certification process developed by USGBC, and is, by far, the most stringent certification to achieve in a residential project. Requirements include specific materials and systems for achieving water and energy efficiency, ambient air quality in individual homes, and waste recycling.

Exterior Aerial Rooftop

Fact File
Location: Chennai
Site Area: 65,000 sq ft
Total Built-Up Area: 1,90,000 sq ft
No. of floors: 16

Architecture & Interior Design: The Buchan Group, Australia
Architecture: RDC Architects, Singapore
Landscaping: Otla Design, Malaysia
Branding: Cornwell, Australia
Lighting: Glowing Structures, Australia
Sustainability: Conserve Consultants
Resident Architect: Edifice Architects, India
Structural: Buro Engineers, Singapore & India
M&E: Powerq Technology, Singapore

Material Palette
Lutron Interior Lights from United States
Schuco UPVC Windows from Germany
HID Security System Premises Security Systems
Daikin Centralized Cooling System
Trane HVAC Support System
Hunter Window Blinds
Miele Domestic Kitchen Appliances from Germany
Klaus Multilevel Parking

The facade design using SKN165 DGU (Double Glazed Unit) glass achieves adequate daylight requirements with energy savings of 172030 KWh. By analyzing the energy demand on the exterior, we reduced the capacity from 4 kWh to 2.93kWh, as per the required level, and in doing so, effectively reduced light pollution from the units, with energy savings of 5890 KWh.

PK Ramesh

Eco-friendly design has become one of the most sought-after quality in a building as it increases the value of the property. At Ushera, all the design modifications are integrated seamlessly to create a high performing building, with responsible luxury and sustainability at the core of its operation

PK Ramesh, MD, Callex Group

Centralized air conditioning for all units ensures that thermal comfort is moderated and maintained in the living areas. Initially, PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) concept was proposed, but for a scale of this operation, Conserve proposed the VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) developed by Daikin, with which the COP (Coefficient of Performance) came down, and we achieved energy savings of 152815 KWh. In fact, Ushera has been designed to consume 20% less energy than other traditional buildings of its size. The energy savings amount to ₹10 lakhs / year. Ushera also has 145 KWh solar panels installed in the premises to bring down energy requirement of the common area lighting by 25%.

Exterior Facade

Keeping in mind that Chennai is a water-stressed zone, the project has 100% rainwater recycling capacity; all the water fixtures meet the highest standard for water savings; intelligent sensors installed in the landscape notify the irrigation system based on the wetness of the soil so no water is wasted; and there is also treated STP water for landscape irrigation to further reduce water demand. Water savings achieved is 55% below that of a traditional building.

Infinity Pool

Waste management is an important responsibility at Ushera. 100% of the household organic waste is recycled and reused within the site premises for landscaping etc, and all the inorganic stuff generated in the units is segregated and disposed to vendors for recycling.

Penthouse Interior Living

According to Mr. Ramesh, a truly eco-friendly home is more than simply switching to LEDs, covering the walls with low-VOC paint, and installing a water treatment system. Ushera’s eco-friendly initiatives include an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging port in the parking lot; motion light sensors in the common area and parking area to prevent energy loss; remote controlled lighting and appliance systems; besides safety features like Centralized Access Card for access to the unit and other amenities; and Intelligent BMS to keep track of all building metrics and to notify the operations team, when necessary.
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