Ar. Akshay Selukar - H&A Consultant

Akshay Selukar
Information technology and building software have made possible new and innovative design ideas that can be shared globally.
Evolution of information technology and building software have changed the world of architecture and building construction; they have made possible new and innovative ideas that can be shared globally. As a result, in this leading age of technology, latest ideas in architecture are being applied and many examples of buildings with new planning concepts are being easily accessed. Architects can play with these designs through computer technology and can showcase his work to the world, but there are certain disadvantages too.

Construction planning must be according to the region’s climate; if designs are followed blindly, they may not be successful. Building software like BIM and Rhino can’t be avoided as they are extremely useful in every phase of design and development of a building. Clients too can see their design and the different areas and features in the building taking shape during the development phase.

Traditional materials were in use, are in use, and will be used.
Public House Café, BhopalPublic House Café, Bhopal
Traditional materials will always be in demand. With innovative methods and designs new materials can be added to traditional materials to create unique buildings. I favour the use of bricks, timber, bamboo, mud, stone, and I think these materials will remain for ever popular as eco-friendly construction will get more space in the construction world. However, steel, glass and other composite materials have their own use and requirement.

In any field, new technologies will be appreciated if they will save money and time.
Construction techniques like Precast, PEB, Drywall save time. But in our country, labour is cheaper in comparison to machines. These building methods will be successful in projects where there’s no economic problem and the project has to be completed on time. The concept of drywalls is popular in interior decoration as gypsum is used in it, and it helps save space and water consumption.

Let’s see whether planning for green buildings on paper will take real form or not.
In our country, there is a huge requirement for eco-friendly/green buildings, and the government is also encouraging such projects with a relaxation in taxes and other subsidies/facilities. But there is a difference in declaration and implementation, so let’s see what will happen, whether planning on paper will take a real form or not! At present, the big problem we are facing is economic liquidity. Demonetisation has badly affected all working areas of the whole country, including the construction industries.