SARE Crescent Parc Township
Petioles at SARE Crescent Parc township, Sector 92, Gurgaon

David Walker
David Walker, M.D., SARE Homes
The aspect of green building has already taken off and is gaining popularity among the corporate and conglomerates who acknowledge the benefits of green design. This trend is now gaining momentum in residential projects too. SARE Homes is committed to build a sustainable environment for its customers. Other than developing qualitative infrastructure and amenities as well as offering spacious homes and upgrading people's lifestyle, the team at SARE Homes aspires to build a green and liveable community by supporting climate change initiatives.

SARE designs and develops its projects to promote energy efficiency and green building concepts proposed by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). We provide rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plants, VRV air conditioning, solar heating of water which helps in saving energy and increasing efficiency.

There are Skydecks on most of our rooftops which keep the buildings cool in addition to maximization of usable space. Our projects are well ventilated with three side open apartments and well planned landscaped parks with provision for Solar lighting for street lights in our townships.

Water shortage is an increasingly common concern among the masses and is heightened by a couple of factors like global warming and population increase. So our strategic approach to water management includes rainwater harvesting and waste water management. Both these techniques have helped us make optimum use of natural resources and save upto 50% on costing. This has also created an impact on our future developments and made our team and customers more responsible towards the environment at large.