Ray Shade Home Technology, conceived and developed by Er. Sanju Surendran Girija, Wallenford Construction & Interiors India, is a visionary concept that redefines the paradigms of home building, emphasizing cost-efficiency and eco-conscious living.

At its heart, Ray Shade Home Technology boasts a multitude of merits: it slashes construction expenses by an impressive 20%, while maintaining the highest quality standards. These homes are engineered keeping in mind occupants’ health and wellness, focusing on infusion of natural light and cross-ventilation. The open-concept interiors ingeniously create an illusion of expansiveness in even the most compact spaces.

Ray Shade Home Technology
Ray Shade Home Technology represents a paradigm shift in residential construction within Kerala, India, bringing to the fore cost-effectiveness, sustainability, use of eco-friendly building materials and craftsmanship, designed to nurture occupant well-being.

Er. Sanju Surendran Girija

A notable attribute is the incorporation of age-old Vaastu and Fengshui principles, promoting opulence, vitality, and fortune within the living environment. These homes organically regulate internal temperatures, contributing to energy efficiency. This technology improves indoor air quality by absorbing and expelling cooking odors, tobacco smoke, and other impurities.

Ray Shade Home Technology is committed to ensuring quality and transparency. Construction materials come with detailed test reports and technical data sheets. The workforce comprises highly skilled professionals. Structural stability certificates are conferred by a chartered engineer and only then is the design approved. Inspections and progress updates are provided to clients at every stage of construction.

Since it’s an area-based design, the technology is suitable for any land or space of any size. The design concept is not a typical design; this technology can alter in any dimensional and orientation of compass. Each and every space is designed to allow natural ventilation. Exterior elevation and Interior design are also unique. For instance, this technology promotes an open design concept such that even a small area looks spacious.

This technology focuses on 3 construction stages:
  • Pre-construction: drawing, design, and material specification
  • Implementation: Adequate follow-up and implementation of design, execution, inspection as per the specifications’ checklist
  • Finishing stage: In the final stage, checks are made to ensure that all the elements of the technology have been implemented, including quality checks of the interiors and landscaping, as per the formula of the Ray Shade Home Technology.