SE Controls is a leading global specialist in manufacture, design, and delivery of intelligent smoke and environmental ventilation systems, and smoke control, using façade automation as an integral part of the building envelope.

SE Controls began operations in India and in the SAARC Region in early 2012 as a joint venture partner with SE Controls UK, under the joint leadership of Will Perkins, Group Managing Director, SE Controls UK, alongside Parasu Raman R, Founding Chairman, CII - Indian Green Building Council, Ex Chairman & Managing Director, Honeywell ED&S Ltd, and Past Vice Chairman, World Green Building Council.

SE Controls began operations in IndiaManohar International Airport, Mopa, Goa

The company offers complete turnkey solutions via installation partners and bespoke design solutions starting from a project’s design specification stage to installation, and commissioning, to regular maintenance throughout the lifetime of the building. Keeping in mind compliance with local legislation and project specifications, SE Controls also provides tailor-made solutions for smoke ventilation and smoke control for buildings of various typologies and architecture. The company believes in the principle that form should not suffer due to the building’s functions.

Safety and protection against fire breakouts and incidents that could pose a danger to the life of occupants is an integral to planning and constructing buildings. The company is of the view that while building owners, tenants, occupants, and firefighters (who risk their lives in an emergency) must be ensured safety at all times, however, it also appreciates the fact that due consideration should be given to the aesthetics and the overall architecture and design of the building. But this should be done without hampering the functionality of the solutions being provided for the safety of the building, its occupants, and assets.

SE Controls began operations in IndiaHyderabad International Airport

Hence, SE Controls’ team of experts work closely with project developers, architects, project consultants for MEP, façade, fenestration etc, and with fabricators to help them implement their products and designs, without compromising on safety.

SE Controls is always ahead in taking on challenging projects. With a range of global and Indian design options, verification and testing measures at their disposal, even the most complex façades can be engineered, while using automation to provide the required safety without sacrificing the artistic vision of the architect and the façade consultant.

SE Controls’ products are designed, manufactured, and tested to international standards, ensuring that solutions are at the forefront of technology, regulations, and compliance from a global standpoint.

Solutions from SE Controls
Smoke Ventilation: SE Controls offers a comprehensive range of natural and powered Smoke Heat and Exhaust Ventilation systems (SHEV) that are suitable for any size and type of building. These systems facilitate a safe exit or evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire.

Environmental Ventilation: This improves the indoor ambiance by maintaining CO2 levels. The company offers more cost-efficient adaptive environmental ventilation systems than the traditional HVAC systems.

Façade Automation: Automatically opening windows uses hardware known as actuators, that fit directly onto new or existing window systems. They push or pull the window open or close automatically, without the need for manual operations.