greenscreen®’s newest product design for 2022 is the award-winning gsTree which creates shade, provides privacy, and adds the natural biophilic element to any project

The freestanding gsTree rises up from the ground to wrap a supporting column, directing plant growth to overhead panels. The vegetated gsTree creates shade, provides privacy, and mitigates views with nature as the centerpiece.

A Natural Biophilic Element

Designed for ease of installation, all parts are provided by greenscreen® and can be assembled in the field. Overall height is 10’, with the option for other heights as requested. Standard finishes include black, bronze, terra, silver, green, and white, with custom colors available on request.

The vast variety of uses for the gsTree include defining streetscapes and walkways, adding shade and points of interest within hardscaped areas, and providing shelter at venues with seating. The greenscreen® gsTree can add the natural biophilic element that any project deserves.

Home of the original welded-wire trellis system, greenscreen® modular panels are the main building blocks of any green façade design. These panels can be configured in different ways to achieve almost any design intent. greenscreen® also partners with Old Town Fiberglass to provide planter and panel assemblies for even more product choices.

The greenscreen® green façade system is made up of two components: green façade/trellis technology comprised of panels, attachments, trim, accessories, etc; and vines that grow through, around, and up, using the captive growing space of the three-dimensional trellis. Owned and operated in the United States, greenscreen® is helping to create a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world. greenscreen® gsTree has won the 2021 Architizer A+Product Award for Best Conceptual Design.