Ripu Daman Sharma, Sr. Country Manager - India Subcontinent, Lutron Electronics, elaborates on the trends and technology in home automation, and the products offered by the company

What are the emerging trends in home automation systems and their technology?
One of the mega trends is the Internet of things (IoT). When it comes to home automation, it is a seamless network of devices including lights, shades, air-conditioners, home appliances, sensors and software that communicate with each other and exchange data.

Lutron Wall Controls for Luxury Homes

Due to the penetration of smart phones and tablets into almost every home, the control interface for home automation has become more and more App based. Home users can use their smart phones or tablets to control their home devices to adjust temperature, play music, change light levels or open and close shades.

Voice control has become popular too. Some lighting and shade control systems (like Lutron’s) are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Assistant, which allow users to control their lights and shades via voice commands.

The latest trend is going wireless. Now, with wireless keypads, occupancy sensors, dimmers, and automated shades, which can transmit and receive RF signals and communicate with each other via home Wi-Fi, home automation has never been so easy for all homes. All these have made home automation more affordable and accessible.

Lutron Wall Controls for Luxury Homes

What does Lutron’s product folio in Home Automation comprise?
Lutron home automation products fall into two big families: HomeWorks and RA2 Select. HomeWorks total home control system is good for controlling hundreds of lighting circuits and shades while integrating with systems like HVAC, security and audio-visual, etc. RA2 Select is our smart lighting and shade control system for condominiums, including new and existing homes. It comes with a number of wireless devices like Pico controllers, occupancy sensors, automated shades - which are all battery operated and totally wireless. So, this system is the best option for renovation purposes, without the hassle of running new wires or drilling holes on walls.
Ripu Daman Sharma
Wireless technology has made home automation easy for both new and existing homes. Without it, homeowners have to manage wires and drill holes on walls, which is time consuming and costly, and also damages the interior décor

Ripu Daman Sharma

Both the systems are App-based and can be controlled via wired keypads, wireless controllers, sensors, smart phones and voice commands. The advance functions of scheduling, geofencing and smart-way are also available on both HomeWorks and RA2 Select systems.

The company has recently launched Alisse wall control under its HomeWorks system. What value addition does it bring to the interiors?
Alisse is an elegant and versatile wall control that is designed to work with HomeWorks system. Its faceplate is made of solid brass with hand crafted finishes. It has a thin profile that protrudes less than 1/8th of an inch from the wall, and is available in a broad range of hand-crafted finishes. A subtle illumination around the buttons highlights its features.

Alisse offers several personalization options including custom engraving and multiple button configurations. A protective cover plate for the base unit prevents damage from construction debris. It is resistant to wear, fingerprints, and stains and comes with flexible mounting options such as one, two and three-column controls mount within a European, single-gang, square backbox.

With its sleek architectural design, powerful, game-changing technology, a flexible personalization and ordering process, the Alisse wall control is simple to use, simple to specify, and install. Lutron has created a suite of e-tools to make ordering of products and customizations quick and easy.

Lutron Wall Controls for Luxury Homes

What are the after-sales services provided by the company?
Lutron backs its HomeWorks system with an 8-year warranty. Our technical specialists are available 24x7. We also have a series of installation videos on YouTube to walk our customers through the installation process.