iRAM Technologies Smart Pole Solutions are designed to host multiple devices within a single unit
Vishal Mehra
Conventional cities use different infrastructure for mobile network, streetlights, street surveillance, environment monitoring etc; this makes it quite complex and costly to set-up and maintain them. The Smart Pole allows the numerous functionalities to be integrated into a unified infrastructure, thus making it easy and cheaper to set up and maintain the devices from the command centre

Vishal Mehra, VP & Director, iRam Technologies

Smart Poles
iRAM Technologies’ Smart Pole is a specially designed high strength pole of 9-25 meters height with a camouflage cage to conceal the telecom, IT and IoT components, and an underground chamber for various control devices, gateways, UPS, etc. The camouflage cage or nacelle is made of special material that provides good RF transparency.

The Smart Pole is designed to host multiple devices like smart LED light, small cell cellular antennas, IoT and other network gateways, digital billboards, surveillance cameras, environment sensors, wi-fi access points, public address system, electronic call box, panic button, and electronic vehicle charging points. Most of these IoT-enabled devices communicate to the command centre through the iRAM unified IoT gateway. It provides high flexibility in terms of placement of the equipment on it and in the over the ground or underground enclosure.

The top portion of the pole houses the smart LED lights. The top also has provision to house multiple telecom antennas, wi-fi access points, smart lighting controllers, and associated equipment. In the mid-section, the pole houses the Variable Messaging Boards, Public Addressing System and Environmental Sensors. At the bottom section, it houses the SOS Panic Button and Electronic Vehicle Charging points. Depending on the area to be covered, the surveillance cameras can be housed either on the light arm or on the mid-section of the pole. The pole has multiple cut-outs to draw the wires of these components only at the place of requirement.

The hollow pole allows all the network and power wires to go through it so that wiring is completely concealed. It has an internal integral cooling system which is equipped to take heat load of all the equipment inside the camouflage cage and underground chamber. The temperature inside all the zones within the camouflage cage and external enclosure is reported at regular intervals to the command centre.

The Smart Pole is made of hot galvanized iron to withstand Indian weather conditions and give a minimum life of 15 years. It is visually appealing and designed to meet the city’s aesthetic landscaping requirements. iRAM provides end-to-end solutions for the design, implementation and maintenance of the Smart Pole.

Key Benefits
  • Designed from ground up in India for Indian roads & climate conditions
  • Highly secure system that prevents and alerts thefts
  • Multiple cut-outs on the pole so that 3rd party equipment can be hosted on the pole
  • Flexible networking option for equipment
  • Automatic temperature management within the enclosure.