Smart City Poles, introduced by K-Lite, offer a modular solution for the upcoming smart cities in India
Sharmila Kumbhat
With one main pole with one to five modules, the smart column is a multitude of combinations. Its flexible modules make the smart column very handy and flexible for add-ons. Choose your combination, add the module, connect them together, and the smart column is ready to meet your requirements

Sharmila Kumbhat, Director, K-Lite Industries

The concept of smart cities came into being as a consequential development to internet of things (IoT), digital connectivity, global warming, and the compelling necessities for energy saving. More than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. A city environment, with a closely-knit streetlight network, has become a natural choice for a smart city concept, hosting sensor networks and wireless communications for traffic control, smart parking, noise and air quality monitoring, incident detection, and more.

K- Lite’s Intelligent Poles

Smart city lights are not a stand-alone system; they have to be integrated with other systems under IoT. Hence, the smart city light poles should be able to accommodate a full range of lighting controls compatible with remote control and integral with suitable sensors for the respective application. In fact, the smart city pole is going to be a service platform for various services for network redundancy, application areas such as mobile connectivity WLAN), traffic control, security camera (CCTV), information transfer, public announcement with loud speakers, smart parking, environmental monitoring and even the electric charger for electric cars etc.

K- Lite Smart Poles Details