Ankur Chawla
"Crusaders Technologies India is transforming the Indian Health market with its innate India-specific and future-focused strategy. By harnessing continuous remarkable innovation, user-friendly designs, outstanding aftersales service, the brand has earned an impeccable reputation amongst its customers and business partners," Ankur Chawla, Director, Sales & Marketing, Crusaders Technologies India.

Crusaders Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., an Indian pioneer in air purification solutions and devices since 2004,has further strengthened its portfolio with the launch of innovative products specially build for India. The products include XJ-5000A ceiling mount airpurifier and CF-100 car & desktop unit.The launch is in line with Crusader's aggressive plans to capture 15% of Indian market share by 2018. The company has also lined up an investment of Rs.50 cr to fuel its expansion plans.

Ceiling Mount Air Purifier
Ceiling mount air purifier
XJ-5000A ceiling mount air purifier integrates multilayer filtration, purification, sterilization, and air freshening. It offers energy saving, environmental protection and humanization in the product. It can filtrate powder particulate, remove peculiar smell in air and reduce hazard materials such as benzene, amic and formaldehyde, and can also kill bacilli and organic substance in the air. Main functions include high, middle, and low wind speed operation. It boasts of 4 UV lamp and nanometer TiO2 aggregative photo-catalyst sterilization principle. Negative ions refresh the air. The swing head fan can send fresh air in the space evenly. The product is competitively priced at Rs.79,500/- and can be used in Hotels, Restaurants, Smoking Zones, Hospitals and Labs, and many other applications where floor space is a premium.

Crusaders Technologies' products are designed to deliver fresh ionized air with filtration process dedicated towards providing solutions against dust, pollen allergens, smell, bacteria, viruses & toxic gases. Also, customized products come with electrostatic plasma filters combined with HEPA filters and UV+TiO2 Filters, which are exclusive to Crusaders.

"Contrary to popular misconceptionIonization, is an age-old concept known to help boost daytime energy and also help relieve illness," says Ankur. The innovative air purification technology is tested by the leading international labs like Intertek and IWK Germany and also by NABL certified labs. According to him, Crusaders is the only company manufacturing air purifiers especially in accordance with the Indian Environmental conditions. The company has achieved the distinction of attaining CE, GS, UL, ETL, ROHS certificates for over twelve of its products, including ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assessment Certificate.

The company already has an installation base of over 80,000 machines all over the country. Clients include the offices of Honorable President & Vice-President, Ministries of Health and Family Welfare, Coal, Mines, Youth affairs, Culture, Heavy Industries, Commerce, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Law & Justice, Agriculture, HRD, Statistics, Finance, MHA, Armed Forces and corporates such as Reliance, Shyam Telecom, SAIL, Jindal Steel, etc.