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ARCHICAD- Enabling Architects

Technology can make the Indian construction industry more systematic, progressive and transparent, and enable timely completion of projects, making them safer, more error-free, and less costly. The concept of construction projects incorporating intelligent systems
Ceiling Mount Air Purifier

New Air Purifiers by Crusaders Technologies

"Crusaders Technologies India is transforming the Indian Health market with its innate India-specific and future-focused strategy. By harnessing continuous remarkable innovation, user-friendly designs, outstanding aftersales service, the brand has earned an impeccable reputation
Rugged Fluke Laser Levels

Rugged Fluke Laser Levels deliver the simplicity and accuracy to perform layout tasks fast

Fluke Corp., the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, and software for measuring and condition monitoring, introduces Fluke® Laser Levels, a new line of professional-grade, precision tools that are designed to survive a one meter drop
Wireless System Buildtrack

Home Automation- Staying Connected

From offering advanced security features, the Smart Home now encompasses sensors for detecting gas leakage, intrusion/theft and fire, and remote control of lighting, electrical gadgets such as AC, AV systems, curtains, main access to the house, and communication with the building
Tata Raisina Residency Gurgaon

What’s the deal with green homes really?

In most parts of the world, sustainable developments are slowly replacing traditional construction and building practices in an effort to minimize negative impacts on the environment. In India too, green developments are becoming visible in most cities even though a lot of progress
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Advancements in Building Green

Latest construction techniques that reduce labour, time and cost, along with use of eco-friendly materials, are making buildings more sustainable; they also enhance their value in terms of quality and cost. Real estate developers, builders, architects, and material
Pre Fabricated Buildings

Towards a Sustainable Future

India is witnessing tremendous growth in infrastructural development. The construction sector in India is one of the largest economic activities. Unfortunately, the last 50 years have witnessed many construction industry stakeholders indulging in irresponsible practices
Radiant Cooling

Radiant Cooling

Major part of heat exchange from a human body happens through radiation. Hence, any cooling strategy which cools using radiation is the most efficient option for cooling the space. Radiant cooling has been used as a primarily cooling mode for the project

Innovation in Green Architecture

Ar. Prem Nath, reputed as a 'green' architect, has presented here green architecture designs and methodologies of the last century, and the latest technologies for today's and tomorrow's Sustainable Architecture. I belong to the last century, but as an architect
Green Construction

Green Construction is Cost Efficient and Profitable Too

"Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both a structure and the using of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance,
Havells Home Automation Solutions

Havells Home Automation Solutions

Havells India Limited, a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods company, has in association with a leading automation company HDL Automation, has launched Home Automation Solutions under its premium Crabtree brand. The system is designed to offer customized automation
Green Architecture

Renovation inspires architecture when architecture inspires being Green.

We usually have this mixed concept of being green pertaining to a "green colored building" but even buildings with lots of trees around would be far from being a green building. "Green" is a word that holds justification to environmentally sustainable buildings that induces energy
moonbow Air Purifier

With Brand ‘moonbow’ HSIL Enters Air Purifier Market

Taking longer stride in the consumer business space, bathroom solution major HSIL Ltd recently forayed in the air-purifier segment under a new umbrella brand called 'moonbow'. The company is also in the process of launching water purifiers in coming months in collaboration
SARE Club Gurgaon

No Respite from Building Green

The milestones that India has achieved over these years highlight the success of the green building movement in the country. Today, India ranks third on the US Green Building Council's annual ranking of the top 10 countries for Leadership in Energy & Environmental
CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre Hyderabad

Green Design & Construction for a Better Tomorrow

For centuries, Western Classical Music has evolved with orchestras playing symphonies, choir singing hymns, and a band of dancers performing the ballet. Indian classical music, on the other hand, has evolved with an individual playing sitar concert, devotee in temple

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