Eurosmart Grohe Faucets

The latest smart GROHE solutions for electronically-controlled faucets and flushing systems make it even easier to service, and more economical to operate public washrooms

Sanitary products for public washrooms need to meet a range of special requirements. Efficient cleaning, customised control options, and effective protection against vandalism are some of the key criteria from a management point of view. With an aim to cater to these varied needs of sector, GROHE's new electronic products and systems have been designed and developed keeping in view all these factors.

Numerous faucets in this electronically-controlled range from GROHE are now fitted with smart technology thus enabling data exchange with mobile devices. The highlight of the collection is the re-styling of one of the most popular lines of the company's electronic faucets, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E. In addition, the company has also launched an innovative temperature sensor for urinals, which can be used both - on new installations and as a retrofit.

Smart Control & Monitoring

The latest generation of electronically-controlled GROHE products for wash basins, WCs and urinals is even smarter than its predecessor. Rather than merely receiving control instructions, the new products are also capable of providing data on frequency and times of use. Operators can now analyse the data and adjust such functionalities as automatic flushing and thermal disinfection cycles in accordance with the actual use. This bidirectional flow of data simplifies the operation, service, and maintenance of the washroom thereby reducing the operating costs.

All products incorporating the new technology communicate via the new GROHE infrared remote control. In addition, the company offers a wide range of Bluetooth-equipped products for all draw-off points; these allow remote control via smartphone using a special app. According to the company, both options offer more flexible programming and more comfortable settings and adjustments as compared to the previous remote control from GROHE. What's more, the new remote control is compatible with all the existing (old and new) infrared-enabled GROHE products, meaning thereby that only a single remote control is required to control or manage all the old and new products.

Grohe Public Washrooms

Perfect Combination of Design & Functionality

The spout of the new touch-free GROHE faucet, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E is raised at a seven degree angle. Apart from adding an elegant accent to the washroom decor, this angled design also offers functional benefits in that as more free space is available for users' hands below the spout. In addition, splashed water does not collect on top of the spout but flows down the back, reducing limescale and the need for cleaning. In addition, the faucet is easy to install due to the GROHE QuickFix® in particular.

Temperature Sensor for Urinals

GROHE has also launched an innovation for urinal flushing systems in public washrooms – a temperature sensor, which is placed below the siphon. This 'invisible' installation affords optimum protection against vandalism. In contrast to comparable products, the new sensor is not directly exposed to urine, and therefore, does not need regular cleaning, thus minimizing maintenance requirements. The new unit can be run either on mains electricity or on a battery, making it universally suitable both – for new installations and for retrofits. In financial terms, too, the new sensor offers excellent value compared to conventional radar-based electronic flush controls.