GROHE Faucets
As the name of this new line of faucets suggests, the design of Essence is pared down to its bare essentials. By building the faucet around the new 28 mm cartridge, GROHE has been able to slim down its appearance even further, heightening the visual impact of its minimalist shape. Moreover, Essence offers users additional freedom through the enhanced functionality of its swivel spout and its adjustable GROHE AquaGuidemousseur. The origins of its unique design are unmistakable. Evolved from the first-ever purely cylindrical GROHE line, this faucet is an updated reinterpretation of a popular classic.

Cylindrical shapes, flowing transitions
Essence is a dream come true for design lovers around the globe. This line of faucets makes sophisticated purist design affordable. The range includes four washbasin faucets siz ed from S to XL, the "S" version cutting the slimmest figure of all the GROHE faucets currently available in the market. With a spout height of 111 mm and adorned by a delicate lever, this perfectly proportioned faucet is a joy to use and a pleasure to behold.

The three larger variants of the Essence washbasin faucet are composed of cylindrical sections of different diameters and softly flowing transitions between them. This subtle geometry and the organic transitions lend the design a surprisingly human touch. All Essence products share the look and feel of the pipe-shaped "U" spout and the slim lever, allowing consumers to tie together an entire bathroom in a seamlessly coordinated look.

The launch of Essence was preceded by numerous tests of different basin-faucet combinations. Consumers, planners and installers will be able to find the results of these tests on the GROHE BestMatch™ website or using the respective mobile app. GROHE BestMatch™ helps to combine faucet and washbasin pairs, which look aesthetically pleasing while at the same time offering sufficient space below the spout and delivering a splash-free water experience.

Balancing comfort and sustainability
All Essence single-lever mixers for washbasins incorporate 28 mm cartridges equipped with integrated temperature limiters. The GROHE commitment to sustainability is evident in the GROHE EcoJoy® mousseur, which reduces the flow volume without compromising on the water experience enjoyed by users. For additional energy savings, the S-sized model is available with GROHE SilkMove® ES technology to prevent the unintended flow of mixed water when opening the faucet from its default middle position. To ensure the highest levels of user comfort as well as splash-free operation, the larger faucets come with a swivel spout and the adjustable GROHE AquaGuidemousseur, which can be pitched at an angle to deliver water exactly where the user needs it. Another important characteristic of this line appreciated by professionals, in particular, is the GROHE QuickFix® Plus system for straightforward and time-saving installation.

Rich choice of variants
Other variants for washbasins include 3-hole combinations and wall-mounted 2-hole combinations with spouts of different lengths to suit a wide variety of available washbasins. The range also comprises concealed and exposed fixtures for tabs and showers, 3-hole and 4-hole tub combinations as well as free-standing tub filler.

The Essence line of faucets and fittings is the latest creation to come out of the GROHE Design Studio led by Paul Flowers. Named the 'red dot: design team of the year 2011/2012' and having garnered no fewer than five 'red dot: best of the best' awards, the GROHE Design Studio has made a name for itself across and even beyond the sanitary industry. By adding the incomparable new Essence line of faucets and fittings to its portfolio, GROHE emphasizes its resolve to continue bringing outstanding designer products to the market.

The advent of Essence from GROHE finally makes sensual-minimalist design an affordable luxury.