Singhal IRon

Singhal Iron Foundary Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of C.I. Soil Pipes, fittings and manhole covers, being supplied in India under the brand name and style of "SIF" and has been serving the segment for the past 54 years. Most of the company’s products come with ISI marked and are manufactured strictly adhering to the norms of Bureau of Indian Standard Code IS:1729-2002 (not as an obsolete code IS:1729-1979) and IS:3989-2009. As the entire manufacturing process is being monitored by its highly skilled and professional team thereby the final products coming out from the company are 100% leak-proof & hot dip painted and are well-known for its quality, reliability and commitment.

Cast iron pipes and fittings are most suitable for the application in soil, waste, ventilations and rainwater disposals in the building's drainage system. It has a glorious and proven record of durability, long life, high impact, strength, fire proof, temperature resistance, cost effectiveness, maintenance free, and environment-friendliness as compared to other substitutes such as uPVC, cement pipes & fittings. It is so powerful in strength that in some of the buildings (more than 80/100 years old) of Local corporation/development authorities in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities, it is found that the cast iron pipes & fittings used are not only serving the purpose of drainage system but also acts as a supporting strength for the civil structure. Hence, C.I. Soil pipes and fitting are always a first choice of local corporations, nodal agencies and other development authorities.