Hindware Sanitaryware

Selecting the right faucet for your bathroom isn't that difficult! All you have got to do is to gauge whether the faucet suits your lifestyle, is water efficient and user-friendly, and, if you may consider, cost-effective. Although all the aforementioned criteria are essential, given the modern context, lifestyle and water efficiency are of paramount importance.

Single Lever Basin Mixer
Well, Indian sanitaryware giant Hindware (HSIL) offers a diverse range of indigenously designed faucets matching lifestyle needs and demands. There are 18 ranges on offer which are technologically smart offering best value for money, of superior quality and in tune with consumer's desire and style.

The Single lever faucet mixes hot and cold water by soft smooth movement of a single lever, made possible by the new cartridge technology.

Then there is the Quarter turn, a traditional two handle faucet with the ability to turn from full turn, half turn to quarter turn as per usage. It does not only make the entire experience of using a faucet better, but also helps reduce water consumption without compromising on the water pressure.

With progression of technology and the changing consumer preference for a good life, balancing consumerism and environment has become crucial, and this is where faucet aerators come to play. An effective water conservation saving opportunity for your home, a faucet aerator adds air to the stream of water coming out of the faucet by breaking the water into fine droplets. Lastly, there are the sensor operated pressmatic faucets with a standard predetermined timer which controls water flow for every usage.

Hindware Sanitaryware

All products from HSIL use high quality, virgin brass ingots, thick nickel and chrome plating to ensure everlasting shine and hygiene. As we have seen.