The Lipka brand has carved a niche in the Indian market with its growing portfolio of products across categories such as Faucets, Kitchen Sinks, Floor Drains and Bathroom Accessories. Kapil Gupta, Founder, Lipka Group, informs that the 100% made in India products, besides being stylish, are functional and reduce water wastage

Lipka Group

What distinguishes the Lipka brand from its competing brands?

Well-chosen fittings can give any bathroom an uber modern look. Lipka’s bespoke range of bathroom and kitchen fittings reflect purism, elegance, and aesthetics along with functionality, while making a design statement. From initially manufacturing only bathroom drains, Lipka has successfully diversified into multiple verticals like faucets, kitchen sinks, floor drains, bathroom accessories and various allied items. In fact, Lipka is the number one and most selling manufacturer of bathroom drains in India. The products are a blend of fine craftsmanship, functionality, contemporary design, and quality.

We provide longevity, durability and quality finishes in all our products. Our sinks and floor drains are made from superior quality AISI 304 grade stainless steel, while the faucets are made from quality brass ingots. Our stainless steel products come in two finishes - glossy and matt - as per market demand. Today, our hero product is the Floor Drain, making us the most widely selling brand and an undisputed market leader in this segment.
Kapil Gupta, Lipka Group
Our products span items for low cost housing projects to a bespoke range of bathroom accessories for luxury seeking customers. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I will say that we are omnipresent in India - from airports to ITC Hotels to DLF Projects to L&T buildings...

Kapil Gupta, Lipka Group

What are Lipka’s manufacturing capability and quality control measures?

Lipka Group
Established in 2009, Lipka today is manufacturing over 3000 products in three state-of-the-art facilities in New Delhi. We have been progressing and incorporating modern technology, time-honoured materials, and an experienced workforce, ensuring top quality products. We are proud to say that the Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) has awarded us the ISI mark. We have a well-equipped in-house laboratory for quality check of raw materials and finished products (at different stages), with attention to the most trivial details.

What market trends is Lipka promoting?

Lipka is on a mission to transform bathroom fittings from mere utilitarian to inspiring. Our products reflect efficient functionality along with aesthetic design. Not only does each item pass through stringent quality checks but also with an offering of over 3000 products, we are currently one of the biggest manufacturers of Bathroom Fittings in India. Lipka has developed a reputation of being a contemporary proponent of tradition and proficiency. All our products are Made in India, ensuring quick and proficient delivery.

What customer service does the company offer?

Lipka Group
Lipka’s focuses on providing timely dispatches of thoroughly checked products, premium packing, and lifetime warranties on its products. Our team of experienced service technicians are just a simple phone-call away. Today, we have a growing network of over 5000 dealers pan India, and we plan to be amongst the top 5 Bathroom Fittings suppliers by 2024.

In which regions is the Lipka brand most visible?

Our presence is pan India, including tier 3 and tier 4 cities. However, our visibility is most prominent in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Delhi. We are constantly exploring and building new markets and networks. We strive to touch the lives and homes of every Indian by introducing new varieties of functional bathroom fittings and showcasing them across our 5000+counters.

Our priority is to enhance our production capacity by increasing our manufacturing units in a responsible and sustainable way, following which, we plan to enter international markets by 2020.