Handheld Massage Showerhead

Taking a shower has taken a departure from the mundane. Gone are the days when showers were hurried affairs, often too quick to be considered as rejuvenation spells! Today, the whole proposition of taking a shower is more of a soul refreshing exercise. For instance, a corporate professional spends the entire day engrossed in tedious commitments. Moreover, his mind gets further worn out when he drives back home braving the traffic snarls. Doesn't it then make sense to shed the worries in a bathtub?

Well, the ubiquitous showerhead, which has undergone various technological changes, comes in very handy here. Not only does it spray the right quantum of water, but also makes a shower a worthwhile experience. And the good news is that such showerheads have grown in popularity in India as well! Here's a brief overview of what we are trying to say.

Fixed Showerheads

Showerheads fall under two basic categories: Fixed and Hand-Held. And there are various permutations and combinations. To begin with, Fixed showerheads are affixed to a wall or ceiling and release water in a particular direction, however, a user can adjust the water flow according to preference through knobs and dials. Although Fixed showerheads are joined with the wall mounting hardware, they can be easily turned from side to side or up and down. In this category too, there are different variants such as Low-Flow, Dual, and Rainfall to name a few. What's more, with water conservation becoming a necessity, these products optimize the flow of each drop.
dual Shower Head

Low-Flow Showerheads

Low Flow Shower
Easy to install and operate, these showerheads are now available with adjusting dials and pause buttons to adjust the water flow. On an average, most Low-Flow showers spray around 7-8 liters of water per minute thereby providing a comfortable shower and limiting water wastage considerably.

Dual Showerheads

As the name suggests, these showerheads are attached to the same base and ideal for those who want a larger water spray. Since the dual variants enable waterflow to be aimed at two people at the same time, they are quite visible in plush five star hotel rooms where couples prefer to spend their romantic moments.

Rainfall Showerheads

While rain and sunshine are the Almighty's prerogatives, humans have done what they can do best; creating artificial rainfall in a bathroom. Very much in tune with this, Rainfall showers are designed to provide utmost comfort and relaxation through a scattered water spray. Made of stainless steel and equipped with rubber nozzles, these showerheads are usually 10-12 inches in area with a facility to adjust the flow of water. Nowadays, manufacturers have made aesthetic value additions to Rainfall showerheads by fitting LED lights in them which give a feel of coloured rainfall!
Rainfall Showerhead



These bell shaped showerheads are an amalgamation of rain and massage and spray water in a pulsating effect. Moreover, the water flow is in the form of bubbles and is so smooth that it gives a soothing and relaxing effect.

Hand-Held Massage Showerheads

Isn't it the zenith of comfort when you are lying in a bathtub and have the discretion of directing water on wherever you want! With Hand-Held showerheads, one can attain such relaxation and cleanliness. These showerheads are attached to a flexible hose which is affixed to a wall thereby making it easy to reach anywhere. Salons in urban locales have a large appetite for Hand-Held showerheads where they are used for hair and facial massages.