Monica Chawla
Monica Chawla, Founder & Interior Designer, Essentia Environments

The bathroom is the escape zone where one can unwind completely, provided it is infused with rejuvenating and positive vibes. As an essential part of our day to day schedule, it is mandatory that the ambiance of the space is given thorough attention. Essentia Environments being a pioneer in creating distinguishable and alluring spaces has come up with a list of intriguing and arresting ideas to dress-up the space.

  1. Contrast the clean and neutral color palette of the bathroom with the colorful strokes of an artwork.
  2. Make the space clutter-free, muted yet bold with hushed color scheme for the walls
  3. Give a clean look to the interiors with white marble flooring and sanitary ware
  4. Heighten the interiors with an eye-catching artwork.
  5. Throw in a dash of colour through fresh flowers and some expressionistic decor accessories. Be it a small corner but the impact will brighten the entire space.
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