Parryware introduces new range of Droplet faucets
Parryware, India’s contemporary bathroom solutions launches new range of ‘Droplet faucets’, inspired by the shape of a water drop. The new quarter turn range of faucets comes with unique lever design providing a sturdier grip, thereby, adding to the overall aesthetics and style of one’s bathroom.

Moving beyond functionality and suiting all kind of modern day bathroom spaces, the new faucet range boasts of a ceramic inner head and wall mixer with center diverter cartridge for smooth functioning. Always striving for optimal performance, Parryware’s new range of faucets are engineered with superior quality and sturdy built resulting in better life of the product. The range offers comprehensive line-up of faucets, suited for all kinds of bathroom needs.

The brand constantly strive to create elegant and durable products for the discerning customers and are always searching for new technologies to improve the consumer experience. Faucets serve as the finishing touches of bathroom spaces, allowing the homeowner to personalize the space as per their need. Enhancing its product portfolio, Droplet faucets are a perfect combination of design, technology and innovation. The idea was to eliminate the chaos of choice and bring function and fashion together.