Energy Efficient Roofing

In an age where Green products are keenly sought after, Monier has brought out intelligent roofing systems to deliver sustainable building solutions that keep indoor comfortable regardless of rain or shine. A world leader in roofing solutions, Monier has previously brought into India the first concrete roof tiles. Since 1997, several traditional and contemporary tile profiles have been offered by the company in India.

Gaining popularity, of late, it's Monier CoolRoof® system which is a combination of heat reflective underlays and ventilated hip and ridge lines, that significantly lowers the heat inside the building envelope. For customers, it means a direct reduction up to 60% in AC consumption and up to 30% reduction in electricity expenses.

Monier had also recently introduced Rainshield, a revolutionary under-the-tile waterproofing underlay which is by far more economical than the traditional ways of waterproofing including Chemical treatment. These UV resistant underlays when installed under the tile, are maintenance free and last for years altogether.

Monier Roofing Tiles

Monier, in its portfolio, also has a wide range of innovative roofing system components that improve the overall functionality and performance of the roof. The Translucent tiles made of UV resistant material, for instance permit up to 95% of natural light, which is equivalent to having a 75W bulb installed. The modular rainwater gutters provide complete flexibility to architects to use these in any designs, and can be fully integrated with Rain Water Harvesting systems.