Tata Bluescope COLORBOND® Steel: Powering Warehouse Efficiency

Life-cycle cost studies confirm that steel roofs are among the most cost-effective roofing systems available for a warehouse.

Demand for sound warehousing

A rise in manufacturing activities, increased domestic consumption, emerging organized retail sector governed by e-commerce and increasing private and foreign investments in logistics infrastructure have enabled warehousing as one of the crucial components within the economic value chain. By 2020, the Indian logistics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12%, primarily driven by the growth in manufacturing, retail, FMCG, and e-commerce sectors.

To improve operational competences and address customer demands, companies are adopting new age technologies, systems and processes. And to gain a competitive advantage, many global corporates are seeking efficiencies from warehousing and logistics capabilities that are very critical to their business.

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With demand for quick delivery and tighter service level agreement due to the e commerce boom, ensuring customer goods remain safe inside the building is the topmost concern for warehouse owners. Such a building must be safe, durable, well insulated, fire proof, incurring minimum maintenance and can be easily erected for early revenue generation

Roofing as a critical component

Roofing is a critical building component that provides longevity to the entire structure along with protection of goods. Despite the plethora of roofing materials available within the construction sector, steel remains the most preferred metal due to its high strength and longevity.

The applicability of steel roofing in warehouses has increased due its advantages such as low cost, lightweight and low maintenance. Modern technology has added safety, insulation, durability and aesthetics. There is also considerable reduction in both labour effort and material during installation, with quick turnaround time for the entire project and early return on investment.

Advantages of COLORBOND® Steel from Tata BlueScope

COLORBOND®Steel is a popular colour-coated cladding material for the warehousing industry due to its various benefits:

Fire-Resistant: Warehouses are often susceptible to fire hazards as they are exposed to materials and goods that could be highly combustible. In industries particularly sensitive to smoke and contamination, such as food, even a small fire can cause a large monetary loss, due to smoke contamination. Pre-painted and metallic coated COLORBOND® Steel sheets are non-combustible as compared to other non-conventional roofing materials.

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Corrosion-Resistant: One of the primary concerns of a warehousing is heavy exposure to toxic emissions as most of them are situated in industrial zones, or near marine environments, where rusting, fading and chalking of a regular metal roof is possible. However, COLORBOND® Steel comes with a high-quality paint that is resistant to corrosion etc, and outlasts other roofing materials.

Aesthetic, durable, with design flexibility: Durable, with long lasting paint technology, lightweight and available in aesthetically appealing colors and viable in a number of profiles, COLORBOND® steel offer extensive design flexibility to architects.

High strength & light weight: The strength of metal roof is high with lower weight - a benefit more often realized in seismic belts and also in retrofitting projects. This further reduces the load on the overall structure making it lean.

Thermally efficient: Goods stored in warehouses under conducive temperature control, may consume higher energy if the roof is not thermally efficient. COLORBOND® steel, backed by THERMATECH™ technology with high solar reflectivity, reduces the inside temperature by up to 5° Celsius; thus ensuring thermal comfort. Being an energy-efficient roof, it also reduces the overall energy cost.

Quick installation & faster delivery: The roof installation is easy and quick and in many cases COLORBOND® Steel roof can be installed over existing roofs, saving costly tear off.

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Environment-friendly: COLORBOND® steel is 100% recyclable, with a lead-free paint system, suitable for rainwater harvesting. It is ideal for corporates looking for sustainable building materials.

Low on maintenance: COLORBOND® steel lasts up to four times the lifespan of a conventional pre-painted galvanized steel and ensures almost zero maintenance. The roof needs simple maintenance by regular washing with fresh water, which will prolong its life and also maintain its attractiveness.
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