Ashok Ninan, MD, Monier Roofing (India)

Ashok Ninan, MD, Monier Roofing (India), shares information on the new Perspective roof tile from Monier, and why roof tiles are recommended for India’s geographical terrain.

What are the features of Monier’s latest product – the Perspective Roof?

Monier has launched its new roof tile profile in India named Perspective. It has an ultra-modern geometrical shape that is dimensionally consistent and lends a sleek look to roofs. This concrete roof tile has superior strength, a smooth finish, and low water absorption that delays moss and fungi formation. It is being manufactured in Bangalore and is available in many stylish colours.

Regions and climates for which Monier tiles are recommended in India?

The New Perspective Roof Tile From Monier Elabana
Our tiles are the result of Monier’s worldwide research and development expertise. The tiles were introduced in India after studying the country’s geographical terrain and their suitability to Indian climatic conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, extreme summers, and humidity across different regions. Pitched roofs are suitable for every region of India as they give multiple benefits of water tightness, heat reduction, etc.

What are their maintenance requirements?

Our roofing system needs very little maintenance, but it is advised to check the following areas before the onset of monsoons:
  • At valleys, in gutters and downpipes, there should be no dust or leaves accumulated, so remove all water stopping items.
  • In case mortar was used on the roof, check that no mortar has cracked and replace the damaged areas with a specific treatment.
  • There should not be any broken tiles due to falling coconut if the building is below coconut trees, or by a cricket ball, etc.
Monier tiles under normal climatic conditions are very durable and give a very long life. We have many roofers around India, trained by us, who can handle any repair work, if required.

The New Perspective Roof Tile From Monier Plano

Please elaborate on Monier’s different Roof System Components and their benefits.

Monier Roof System Components (RSC) is a world-class range of complete roofing system that enhances the aesthetic and functional quotient of the roof. Its functional benefits are 100% water-tightness, heat reduction, natural light, better ventilation, and a trouble-free roof for years to come.

To name some of Monier products: Veltisun gives 100% water-tightness and thermal insulation to the roof. Top Flex II avoids cement mortar usage, and fungi and algae formation at ridge and hip areas. Wakaflex ensures 100% water-tightness at abutments. Translucent tiles integrate with tiles and gives natural light and energy saving. Luxron rainwater gutter system gives high quality pitch roof drainage system and is made of superior quality raw materials.

By using Monier tiles, you can have water-tightness, aesthetic value, low maintenance, and maintain inside temperature. In fact, there aren’t any cons in using roof tiles in India or anywhere in the world.

The New Perspective Roof Tile From Monier Perspective

What has been Monier’s performance in India?

Monier started operations in India in the year 1997. Presently, we offer concrete roof tiles and imported high-quality clay roof tiles from Europe and Malaysia in a wide range of colors and profiles. Monier has sold close to 6 crore tiles in India so far. We also have Roof System Components that improve the functional quotient of the roof, to provide a long-term, trouble-free roof. We currently manufacture three roof tile profiles in India: Perspective, Elabana, and Plano at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Nashik.