Trivenimet Fab Engineers Steel fabrications

Scoring High on Sustainability

Trivenimet Fab Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has wide ranging expertise in the production of welded steel fabrications, shot blasting, profile cutting, and PEB structures. The ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, through its unwavering commitment to quality and superior services,
Classic Kalingastone

Classic Launches Kalingastone’s Exclusive Range

Classic Marble Company (CMC) is the dominant player in the natural stone industry and the largest manufacturer and supplier of agglomerate engineered stone under its flagship brand Kalingastone. With massive state–of–the–art factories at Silvassa and several
Somany Ceramics Optimatte

Somany Ceramics launches ‘Optimatte’

Beautification of walls has come a long way and tiles pave that way by offering a classy backdrop. Optimatte wall tiles from Somany Ceramics are the latest in this category. Somany's intense matt finish tiles live up to the above statement by spreading out the
Plana Roja Con Panel Solar

Monier – More Power to Your Roof

The Monier Roofing is one of the world leaders in providing high quality roofing solutions. It has been in India since 1997. In the last eighteen years, the company has developed a very close association with home-owners, developers, and architects across the country
Kirby Steel Building Solutions

Kirby’s Steel Building Solutions

Indian construction industry, which consists of infrastructure, housing, real estate, and industrial segments, has grown by leaps and bounds for past decade and a half and accounts for more than 9% of India's GDP. Quality of construction has also improved
Holiday Homes in Light Gauge Steel

Tata Bluescope - Holiday Homes in Light Gauge Steel

Holiday homes were to be constructed in Amboli, a hill station is located in the Sindhudurgh region of Maharashtra. The hill station is enjoyed by visitors during monsoons when the temperature falls below 10oC accompanied by heavy rainfall.
SMS Siemag India Pvt Ltd Orissa

Complexity Matched with Precision

Interarch Building Product delivered a Greenfield manufacturing facility for SMS Siemag India Pvt Ltd in Orissa. With an investment of approximately EUR 31 million and covering an area of 23,000 square meters, SMS Seimag aims to expand the current capacity in India.
Tata BlueScope Steel Plant Jamshedpur

Coated Steel Manufacturing Facility of Tata BlueScope Steel

The Coated Steel manufacturing facility of Tata BlueScope Steel is one of the most sophisticated coated steel manufacturing facilities in India. Tata BlueScope Building Solutions, a business division of Tata BlueScope Steel, provided a versatile pre-engineered building
Mehler VALMEX Membranes Konya Stadium

Mehler VALMEX® Membranes Chosen for New Konya Stadium

The new Konya Stadium, located in Konya province Turkey, is designed with an approach of harmonizing the cultural codes with contemporary structure. Moreover, high technical featured materials used for this project make the stadium fit for different functions
SML PEB Solutions

SML Offers High Quality PEB Solutions

SML, an ISO 9001 certified company was established in 1973 primarily for design, development and manufacturing of various ferrous and non-ferrous equipment/machineries for consumption by: Indian Naval Warships, Defense Vehicle, and Defense Engineering Equipment
Roofing Shingles from Saint-Gobain

Roofing Shingles from Saint-Gobain

With a proven track record of giving world class products and service to Indian market, Saint-Gobain's CertainTeed Shingles is emerging as the most preferred roofing option for sloped profiles. Also being offered by Saint-Gobain is Vinyl Sidings which truly compliments
Complex and Multi-Level Steel Structure for Process Industries by Interarch

Complex and Multi-Level Steel Structure for Process Industries by Interarch

Interarch recently designed, manufactured and executed a multi-level structure of 10 storeys and a conveyor bridge over it having total length of 32 M for CP India food processing plant in Pune. The conveyor bridge is resting on existing RCC structure. Interarch's design
Saint-Gobain’s CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

Saint-Gobain’s CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

Saint-Gobain has brought to India, the ultimate roofing product called 'Shingles' which has every feature, an Architect and a house owner would definitely aspire for. Shingles is the most popular roofing product for sloped roofs in North America and most part of Europe.
Satec Offers Customized Portable Storage Containers

Satec Offers Customized Portable Storage Containers

Satec Envir Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has become a well known name in portable container solutions. It offers innovative technology, which gives cost saving solutions and ensures that customers will get cutting-edge benefits. The company sells mobile containers,
Coated Steel Products by Tata BlueScope Steel for Environment–friendly Construction

Coated Steel Products by Tata BlueScope Steel for Environment–friendly Construction

Tata BlueScope Steel is working towards creating sustainable and innovative building materials and products that will help reduce adverse impact on the environment. Typically, an 'environment-friendly' building material is one which is non-toxic, reusable,