Doing More With Less

Environmental degradation is minimal while erecting a PEB. Traditional buildings incur costs due to regular maintenance and upkeep, whereas steel buildings, due to their durability, have lower or trouble-free performance, and the reason why steel products and solutions for roof and wall cladding are being preferred in today’s complex contemporary structures, avers Mahendra Pingle, Dy. General Manager, Market Development, Tata Bluescope Steel

What application scope and in which segments do you see demand for Steel Roofing & Cladding?

The coated steel industry in India for roof and wall cladding is estimated to grow over 2 million tons for FY20 with an estimated 6% growth. Expanding railways and metros has pushed demand for quality and performance-driven cladding solutions that offer high durability along with aesthetics.

Under the government’s new scheme of Next-Gen Airports for Bharat Nirman, India is poised to be the 3rd largest domestic aviation hub in the world, with 100 new airports planned over the next 15 years. The most demanding construction and design requirements with outstanding performance and pleasing aesthetics for this industry are adequately met by our brand COLORBOND® steel.

The relentless demand for same-day-delivery has increased demand for warehouses and distribution centers in tier-2 cities. With international players such as Amazon, Walmart and Ikea setting shop in India, it is pertinent for us to offer technologies that are internationally competent.

However, adequate awareness regarding usage of low maintenance coated steel sheets with high grade paint system needs to be further propelled. Availability of skilled personnel who are trained for expert installation practices, will further push demand for high quality coated steel products.
Mahendra Pingle
Sustainability is inevitable today; architects are committed to using eco-friendly building materials and embracing technologies that do more with less, while customers are gradually opting for pre-painted roofing steel sheets

Mahendra Pingle

What are the advantages of using coated steel in construction?

Coated steel ensures superior corrosion resistance with a higher life span and outstanding durability as compared to any other steel sheets. It also offers design flexibility for framing structures and manufacturing articles. For niche customers looking for alternate applications and manufacturing of allied products, Tata BlueScope’s ZINCALUME® steel (55% Al-Zn alloy), for example, is lightweight and strong, with uniform quality on the finished product. It is ideal for making light gauge framing systems, grain silos, water tanks, pipe insulation, fencing and solar power structures, to name a few.

What solutions for PEBs does Tata BlueScope Steel offer?

Tata BlueScope Steel offers colour coated steel products and solutions that embody all the features expected by today’s complex structural and contemporary requirements. With decades of tried and tested product performance and a legacy of international repute, we have the right technical know-how for any given application within the roof and wall cladding industry. Tata BlueScope’s safety practices and installation techniques have made it the preferred partner for top architects and consultants. Through globally renowned brands like BUTLER® and ECOBUILD®, we offer PEB solutions that are quick to install and offer leak-proof performance.

For our PEB business, sustainability starts at the design phase. Since it is predesigned with a predetermined registry of building materials, it optimizes resource utilization; minimizing wastage. PEB structures have a longer life since they are termite, insect and fire resistant, and can withstand rigors of terse environments.

Trent Ltd

What are the eco-friendly features and sustainable benefits of Tata BlueScope products?

Resilient structures enabled by COLORBOND® steel are lead-free, RoHS compliant, and suitable for water harvesting. COLORBOND® steel is powered by THERMATECH™ technology that enhances the roof’s thermal performance, cooling inside temperatures, and ensuring lesser energy consumption. It is well accepted within the construction ecosystem due to its green credentials, especially for facilities such as warehousing, manufacturing, commercial structures and community spaces in urban habitats.

As a market trend, customers are gradually opting for pre-painted roofing steel sheets over unpainted/bare coated steel due to innovative coating technologies such as the THERMATECH™ solar reflectance technology.

At Tata BlueScope Steel, within our entire value chain, we constantly endeavor to offer products and solutions that are environmentally viable with little or no degradation or wastage. Tata BlueScope’s ZINCALUME steel (Al-Zn alloy coated steel) and COLORBOND® steel (pre-painted Al-Zn alloy coated steel) are the most preferred materials, especially for cladding applications, as compared to conventional bare and painted galvanized steel. Being 100% recyclable, these materials last upto 4 times longer than galvanized steel (Z275) with zero maintenance.
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