Hiren M Shah, Director, H S Structures, shares a recent case study of the Pre-Fabricated structures set up by the company at Sardar Sarovar Nigam Ltd's Statue of Unity project in Gujarat

"PEBs have a great future in India as they offer numerous benefits. Design of used structures is vetted by structural consultants to withstand load, resist wind and earthquake. With minimum maintenance, their lifespan can extend to more than 40 years. In the Hospitality industry PEBs have given very good payback. They are also the most suitable for meeting the immediate requirements in Education and Health Centers," says Hiren Shah.

Dam view

Material Palette

Basic ISI marked Structural Steel: Rectangular Pipe-50x50, 50x25,100x100,etc
Wall: Cement Fibre (Ecopro/Visaka)
Inside wall: Cement Fibre Board, 8mm thick
Outside wall: Wood Textured Planks, 8mm thick
Roofing: 50mm PUF Insulated Panel
Pre-painted Galvanised Sheet - Jindal
Doors: ISI marked Flush Doors
Both side laminates: Greenlam
Locks: Godrej
Window/Vents: Powder Coated Aluminium section
Floor Tiles : 2'X 2' Matt Finish Vitrified Tiles
Wall: Glazed tiles
Switches & Sockets: Anchor
ACP Sheet (Inside): Timex
Platform/Counter: 18 mm thick Granite on Kotastone
Paint (inside) Plastic/Oil Paint - Asian Paints
Paint (outside): Apex - Asian Paints
Steel Structures: Oil Paint - Asian Paints

"For Housing Rehabilitation programs following calamities such as earthquakes, floods, etc, they can be used to create permanent or temporary housing shelters; for building an additional floor in old buildings as they are lightweight; an office in a factory shed without disturbing the factory's ongoing operations," he adds.

According to him, as a green product, PEB structures have great potential where construction activity is restricted as in forests, hilly areas and sea shores. They need minimum electricity and water and other natural resources for construction. Since vehicular movement in restricted areas is approximately 10% of the conventional structures, there is minimum disturbance to nature.

Food Court

For the Statue of Unity Project, the company undertook building the following PEB structures as per the project requirements.
  • Food Court with nine shops: Covered Area - 3800 sq.ft. Time frame: 15 days.
  • Souvenir Shop: Covered Area - 200 sq.ft. Time frame: 5 days.
  • Viewing Gallery: Covered Area - 1300 sq.ft. Time frame: 10 days.
  • Toilet Block: Covered Area - 550 sq.ft. Time frame: 5 days.
Says Shah, "This prestigious project being of international interest, we did our best. This achievement is mainly due to the project's unique design, good planning, co-ordination and team work. Credit is also due to our suppliers and sub-contractors, and the authorities who extended full support and cooperation at every step of the way." The scope of work required:

Samrat Pharmachem Ltd
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Supply of Prefab Structures, Cement Fiber Boards, Roofing Material, Doors, Windows, Wall and floor Tiles, Paint etc
  • Installation at Site and Painting work.
Shah informs: "The real challenge was the completion time as only 22 days were available. After the Toilet Block was almost complete, its location was changed when only five days were remaining. However, we completed the project to the complete satisfaction of the client.

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Pre-tested components
  • Economic and durable
  • Good Insulation hence energy-efficient
  • Lifespan of more than 40 years with minimum maintenance
  • Fire, Earthquake and Termite Resistant
  • Majority of components can be relocated
  • Due to thinner walls more carpet area.