Monier has changed the architectural landscape across India with its high-quality roof tiles and roof system components that impart high strength, perfect fitting and aesthetic value to roofs.

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Monier Roofing, part of BMI Group, is the world’s largest manufacturer of pitched and flat roofing and waterproofing solutions, with operations in more than 40 countries, continental technical centres and over 150 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Seeing the potential of roofs in making homes and people’s lives better, the company aims to offer world-class quality roofing systems with its wide range of products and innovative solutions. Products include concrete roof tiles, imported clay roof tiles, and roof system components. The tiles in India were introduced after studying the country’s geographical terrain and their suitability to Indian climatic conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, extreme summers, and humidity across different regions. Monier suggests Pitched roofs as suitable for every region of India as they give multiple benefits of water tightness, heat reduction, etc.

Monier manufactures three attractive designs of concrete roof tiles at its manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Nasik. Elabana is a more traditional design, available in a wide range of colors, and is valued for its versatility, beauty, dimensional stability and low water absorption. With a glossy efflorescent coating the tiles can stand the test of time and remain water-tight and attractive for many years. The tiles comply with European standards BS EN490:2004.

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Pitched roofs as suitable for every region of India as they give benefits of water tightness, heat reduction, aesthetic value, low maintenance, and the roofs remain trouble free for years.

Plano and Perspective concrete tiles are of modern design and come in various colours. They have superior strength and a fine finish. The company’s imported range of high quality clay roof tiles from Europe and Malaysia are Roman 12, Plana, Coppo Domus, Canal 50 and Coloroof Plus II. Over the years Monier has sold close to 6 crore tiles in India.

Monier Roof System Components (RSC) is a complete roofing system that enhances the aesthetic and functional quotient of the roof. Monier’s Veltisun gives 100% water-tightness and thermal insulation to the roof. Top Flex II avoids cement mortar usage, and fungi and algae formation at ridge and hip areas. Wakaflex ensures 100% water-tightness at abutments. The translucent tiles integrate with tiles and gives natural light and energy saving. Luxron rainwater gutter system gives high quality pitch roof drainage system and is made of superior quality raw materials.