Ambuja Cements is offering low-carbon building materials and innovative solutions for use in different climatic conditions, informs Neeraj Akhoury, CEO India LafargeHolcim, MD & CEO of Ambuja Cements

Please enumerate Ambuja’s specially formulated products.
Houses in India often face problems of water infiltration due to poor quality of construction materials and practices, and extreme weather conditions, such that in a very short span they begin to require extensive maintenance. Our R&D is constantly innovating to develop solutions that bring durability and a long service life to houses.

Ambuja Kawach is a premium quality solution developed to prevent water penetration. This specially formulated cement with high-quality water-repellent properties has 33% lower carbon footprint as compared to OPC products.

Ambuja Cements: Leading the Way in Green Construction

Ambuja Buildcem is an innovative way of using fly ash to produce high strength Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) which helps build strong and durable structures.

Another low-carbon offering is Ambuja Cool Walls, which are made of pre-cast concrete. Their special heat barrier technology keeps houses 5oC cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They have no natural or added salts and there is never a problem of ‘shora’ (efflorescence). The plaster retains its strength and helps save recurring painting cost.
Neeraj Akhoury, CEO India LafargeHolcim, MD and CEO of Ambuja Cements

Our products and solutions result in improved durability and life of houses

What environmental benefits does Ambuja Kawach offer?
Our newly developed Ambuja Kawach Cement with special performance enhancing components and superior water repellent quality, acts as a shield against water seepage and chemical ingress. In fact, it protects all elements of the structure from foundation to roof.

Ambuja Cements: Leading the Way in Green Construction

It’s a blended cement manufactured by using mineral admixtures, which help reduce carbon footprints up to 33% as compared to local OPC. Its strength plus water-resistance feature help in producing stronger and denser concrete and giving protection against water seepage. This enhances the durability and service life of the structure, resulting in low repair and maintenance costs, and thereby reducing overall material consumption during the building’s life cycle.

Ambuja Kawach was awarded the Solar Impulse label, which evaluates the solution against five criteria grouped in three different themes: Feasibility (credibility and scalability), Environmental Impact (environmental benefits), and Profitability (economic benefits).