Dynamic Trends - Top 5 picks in Lighting Design by The Purple Turtles

Scandinavian Minimalism

This lighting design will never go out of style! It is primarily based on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It uses a white and pastel colour palette, and incorporates elements of wood, enameled aluminium and steel. There are multiple options in this design for pendant, floor, table and wall lamps. The no-fuss fixtures are easy to install and maintain.

Indoor Lights

Smart Indoor Lights

With the world shifting to a smarter mode, it's befitting that the lights should also evolve in the like manner. Smart lighting offers energy efficiency and convenience at your finger-tips. Indoor smart lighting systems enable the user to control the light colour and its intensity in a room as per the occupancy, mood, and the desired ambience by simply downloading an app in their smartphones. Motion sensor lighting is also becoming popular as it helps conserve energy since they switch on only when sensing human presence in the space.

Radeesh Shetty

The type and design of lighting has to be in sync with the purpose of the space. It’s good to be mindful of the fundamental aspects before deciding on a lighting fixture. Customers now have a greater exposure to interior decor options and trends, and their tastes keep changing, which fuels the wheel of innovation. We strive to think out of the box, and by foreseeing the change in consumer preferences, we keep coming up with new designs

Radeesh Shetty, Director,The Purple Turtles

Statement Chandeliers

Statement Chandeliers
In style for ages, the chandelier is no longer limited to the concept of luxury enjoyed by the privileged few. They are now available in a variety of styles from the modern and transitional to the eco-friendly and are more affordable. They enhance the living or dining rooms, but care must be taken to ensure that the type and size is as per the size of the room and its overall decor.

Distressed and Rustic

The weathered look and rustic character of lighting fixtures are back in vogue. Inspired by nature, they depict a sense of age and distress through worn-out, raw, rusted or exposed elements. They create an appealing contrast with modern décor, and add to the character of the space.

Double Passion Flower

Handcrafted & Eco-Friendly

Handcrafted lighting made of sustainable materials such as banana fibre paper, faux concrete, cork and other natural and recycled waste materials does not harm the environment. Since these are handcrafted, no two pieces look the same and each has a unique charm. LED lamps because of their low energy consumption and long life add to their eco-friendliness.
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