K- Lite's Polar Lighting Poles integrated with LED lighting module are the preferred choice of landscape designers and architects for city beautification as they blend lighting with architecture and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings. The poles come in contemporary designs with single arm, double arm, L-arm, V-Arm, Square arm and Parallel arm. They are engineered to meet adverse weather conditions and their sections are duly welded using special grooving techniques and high end MIG welding process. The control box is integral and built-in with service door, locking and safety chain. The MS poles are coated with epoxy zinc phosphate primer and are finished using environmentally stable polyurethane based paint, and have the necessary foundation hardware for normal soil condition.

Polar Lighting Pole's lighting arms are integrated with an LED modular lighting system that offers more lumens with lesser power consumption making them eco-friendly. The module is IP 68 protected and the various models have been evaluated by extensive R&D and an understanding of illumination requirements in urban spaces. The choice of drivers for the LEDs takes into consideration the harmonic distortion level (not exceeding 10%), the power factor (greater than 0.9), and surge protection. The LED modules are individually rated at 60 watts. The control gear tray is pre-wired with terminal connectors, MCB and loop-in loop-out arrangement, and located in the control box, which is integral with the pole.