Dorby has emerged as a leading player in the laminates market, setting new standards for quality and innovation in laminate design and manufacturing for a range of applications. Mehul Agarwal, Director & CEO, Dorby, discusses the unique aspects of the brand and plans to strengthen its market presence.

What transformations has the Dorby brand brought to the market for laminates in India?

Dorby has revolutionized the laminates market by prioritizing innovation, design, and transparency. At the heart of this transformation is a commitment to provide consumers with designs that are at par with global trends. By adopting cutting-edge technology, colors, patterns, and textures from the international market and bringing them to India, Dorby has bridged the gap between Western countries and India. This has elevated the aesthetic appeal of laminates and kept Indian consumers in sync with contemporary global design preferences.

Moreover, Dorby’s collaboration with Indian designers for product development has been instrumental in recognizing new talent and developing new products for the Indian market. The brand’s commitment to transparency in the manufacturing process and pricing has significantly contributed to building consumer trust and confidence in the quality of our laminates.

A leading player in the laminates market

What R&D does the company undertake to come up with innovative designs and products?

We have a robust R&D program that pushes the boundaries of design and product development. One crucial aspect of our R&D is to use the finest raw materials. The quest to use superior materials ensures that our laminates meet and even exceed industry standards for quality and durability. In addition to sourcing top-notch raw materials, Dorby laminates emulate the natural beauty of materials like wood and stone while crafting geometric and abstract patterns.

We also leverage sharp digital print technologies to bring the designs to life and create high-quality laminates. Every product introduced in the market undergoes rigorous evaluation to guarantee quality and reliability.

What are the application areas of Dorby products and what designs are trending?

Dorby laminates are suitable for a wide range of applications such as wall linings, column claddings, doors, shelves, tabletops, work-tops, counters, vanity units, cubicles, lift linings, store fittings, displays, desks, etc. Notable trends that have emerged include pastel colors, stone-inspired designs, and fluted panels or designs.

Dorby a preferred laminate brand in the market
Our focus on quality materials, affordability, and innovation, make Dorby a preferred laminate brand in the market. Going forward, we aim to redefine interior design with more innovative and high-quality products that will inspire, transform, and elevate spaces, making every surface an artistic canvas for self-expression.

Mehul Agarwal

What is the USP of the brand vis a vis its competitors?

Dorby laminates are known for their exceptional designs and unique properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fingerprint, and scratch resistance. We take an innovative approach to laminate design and create catalogues that captivate customers. Along with this, our strategic marketing approach sets the brand apart in the market, making it the preferred choice.

We are catering to a broad spectrum of clients across industries and consumer segments. Dorby’s extensive dealer network of 35,000 to 40,000 dealers, affirms the brand’s widespread market presence and accessibility to customers across the country.

What’s more, our list of certifications like ISI, ISO, CE, Indian Green Building, and European Standard, are a testimony to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

What is the current landscape of the laminate industry?

The current landscape of the laminate industry is marked by a promising growth trajectory. The industry has become the largest exporter of laminates, indicative of its growing international footprint. One notable strength of this industry is the absence of a substitute product at its price point. Looking ahead, the future of the laminate industry appears bright, especially in the context of a rapidly growing Indian population. The demand for laminates is expected to rise with infrastructure development.

What are your plans for expansion?

Dorby has an ambitious roadmap for upcoming projects and expansion plans. The company is set to introduce a range of decorative surfaces and panels, demonstrating its dedication to diversifying its product offerings and staying at the forefront of interior design trends.

Our 10-acre manufacturing facility in Gandhidham, Gujarat, has an annual production capacity of over 3.6 million laminates. Going forward, we plan to expand the product lines in decorative surfaces, panels, and high-end calibrated plywood. We also envision establishing exclusive experience centers, introducing the brand on e-commerce platforms, and entering the retail segment. We are also considering collaboration with other brands to scale business and increase reach.

We are keen to venture into international markets, starting with the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and going public within the next two years. Our aim is to strengthen our brand presence further and be regarded as a global lifestyle brand.