Rushil Thakkar, Director, Rushil Décor Limited, shares insights on the latest trends in decorative laminate and plywood in India and the company’s efforts to preserve the environment with eco-friendly manufacturing processes while also encouraging its vendors and contractors to adopt sustainable practices to boost climate protection in the region.

Rushil Décor Limited

The laminate and plywood industry in India is experiencing a shift towards innovative, modern designs, textures, and colors. As one of the largest exporters of decorative laminates in the world, India is setting the trend for consumers’ changing preferences. The decorative laminates market in India is growing rapidly due to the rising living standards and increased per capita expenditure on home décor products, as well as the growing popularity of ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture.

In addition, the development of commercial infrastructure in India, such as gymnasiums, convention centers, indoor sports clubs, and auditoriums, has further driven the demand for decorative laminates. These laminates are easy to install and do not require nails or staples, making them a popular choice among consumers and builders alike.

At Rushil Décor, we strive to meet the ever-changing demands of discerning consumers and continue to innovate in the laminate and plywood industry. We believe that the key to success in this industry is to keep up with the latest trends and designs; we offer high quality, value-led DIY green engineered products from agroforestry, and a wide range of high-performance surface engineering solutions.

Rushil Décor Limited
For the past three decades, we have fostered a culture of innovation at our company, delivering consistent quality and cutting-edge products of the highest quality and at the best prices.

Rushil Thakkar

Our product portfolio includes VIR Laminates, VIR MDF boards, VIR MAXPR0 (HDFWR) boards, VIR Pre-laminated Decorative MDF/HDFWR boards, VIR PVC, and VIR WPC boards/doors. Through optimal supply chain efficiencies, strategic local plantations, and effective utilization of resources, Rushil is able to offer cost-competitive products that meet the demands of both the domestic and global markets.

Our laminate sheets are highly durable, and the typical lifespan of a high-quality laminate sheet is almost a decade, while the average life span of MDF ranges from 15 to 20 years, depending on the application, usability, and environment.

Rushil Décor Limited

We are committed to preserving the environment and adhering to the norms set by the Pollution Control Board of the State Government. We have implemented various eco-friendly practices at our manufacturing units, including rainwater harvesting units and Environmental Management Systems to minimize harm to the environment.

One of our key initiatives is our commitment to agroforestry. We have planted over 120 million fast-growing, short rotational trees, such as Eucalyptus, Casuarina, Silver Oak, and Acacia, in the districts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. These trees not only provide raw materials to produce laminates and plywood but also offer direct income to local farmers and agriculture laborers.

Rushil Décor Limited

Rushil Décor also extends advanced technical support to rural farmers. This includes providing seeds and seedlings, necessary subsidies, transportation support, training and guidance at factory and district centers etc. By procuring agroforestry wood, we are not only contributing to the livelihood of the people but also to the sustainability of the environment. We also encourage our suppliers, contractors, and vendors to adopt green policies in their processes so that together, we can contribute to a greener environment.

Founded in 1993, Rushil Décor is a globally leading company in modern interior infrastructure, and eco-friendly, composite wood panel. Driven by automated plants, world-class German technologies and global standards, our aim is to create smarter spaces. Our five state-of-the-art manufacturing plants run at an annual capacity of 3,30,000 CBM MDF and 3.49 million Laminates. We have a strong global presence with a footprint in over 45 countries and a thriving retail and distribution network in India, with over 4000 retailers and 540 distributors. With a strong network of branches, distributors, thousands of dealers, and a rich talent pool of experts, we are focused on redefining the ‘future of wood’.