Greenpanel’s Naturemax Natural Veneers, made from exclusively hand-picked wood species, are being used extensively by architects and interior designers to replicate the expansive beauty of nature in the interiors of homes, hotels, and offices.

Naturemax Natural Veneers are made from hand-picked wood species sourced from some of the most exotic forests from across the world. The designs mirror the mysterious works of nature at her best; and their uniqueness comes from the exotic species of the wood used.

These natural veneers, just like the myriad designs of the wilderness, come in a variety of patterns and colours. There are more than 700 designs to choose from. In fact, veneers go beyond shades and colours, making them a versatile and interesting medium for architects and interior designers to work with, and create uniquely imaginative themes. For instance, Fumed Veneer, developed using Greenpanel’s Wood Treatment Technology (WTT), creates a regal look with its dark tone. Greenpanel’s Metallic Veneer, created with a real metal formulation, gives interiors a natural metallic finish, and brings a sense of opulence to the space.

Dyed Veneer is bleached and pressure dyed to ensure deep colour penetration and correctness, thereby enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. Its consistency in colour makes it easy for architects and designers to visualise the outcome.

The Silver Veneer, named after Silverwood (a visually striking tree native to Eastern USA) is an ash-coloured chromatic veneer with a silvery grey hue that adds class and beauty. What’s more, its silver-grey tone gets more prominent as it ages.

Harmony Veneer is handcrafted to suit all décor ideas as each pattern has its own signature style. The veneers come in varied shades and are ideal for wall highlights, doors, TV cabinets, and wardrobes. What’s more, Greenpanel’s Naturemax collection is also available in leather and tinted ranges.