Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA, explains the characteristics and application benefits of their recently launched Antiviro - an anti-microbial coating in pre-laminated boards

Action TESA: Providing Advanced Solutions

What are the characteristics of Antiviro pre-laminated boards?
The R&D team of Action TESA along with technical experts from Europe, after rigorous tests and trials, developed TESA Antiviro pre-laminated surfaces which are anti-microbial and anti-virus in nature. The Antiviro pre-laminated surfaces are made from Nano technology, in which nano-particles continuously release ions - a self-defense mechanism for killing microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungus etc. Owing to the electrostatic attraction, these nanoparticles physically rupture the cell walls and cytoplasmic membrane of the microbes and viruses that come in contact with the Antiviro surfaces.

The nano particles are effective throughout the life of the product. Usage of this Nano technology is increasing in medical science and also as an alternative to antibiotics. Nanoparticles based - coating is also being used for coating medical equipment.
Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA
Action TESA has developed pre-laminated surfaces that are anti-microbial and anti-virus as a solution to prevent people from coming into contact with any kind of commonly used surfaces in homes, offices, and public institutions which may be infected by a virus or bacteria

Ajay Aggarwal

Antiviro products have been tested by the Biotech Testing Services, Mumbai, for antimicrobial activity against JIS Z 2801 test method and for measurement of antiviral activity against test standard ISO 21702:2019, the result of which shows 99.99% microbial kill.

Where would Antiviro pre-laminated boards find application?
Antiviro pre-laminated boards are highly suitable in making furniture items for high public traffic areas such as hospitals, spas, educational institutions, malls, airports and hotels. In today’s scenario where mask, sanitization and social distancing is mandatory for minimizing the probability of infection from Covid-19, one cannot rule out the chances of coming in contact with the virus at offices and homes. Understanding the gravity of the situation, it was very important to minimize the impact of virus on any touch surface.

In fact, a lot of organizations have tried to develop safe products for common contact areas like furniture and wall panelling in offices, hotels, hospitals etc. These are the places where a mass community touches the common areas.

Action TESA: Providing Advanced Solutions

In which regions has this product been launched?
We are promoting the product pan India through social media, TESA Studios & Wall Displays, trade magazines, and product catalogues. Our project team is working along with architects and interior designers to promote the product as well as create awareness about the latest trends in the market. We have a network of more than 1900 distributors in all regions of the country and over 35,000 dealers.

What is the care and maintenance required for Action TESA products?
Our complete range including Antiviro technology on Pre-laminated Particle Board, Pre-laminated MDF, Pre-Laminated HDHMR Boards, Pre-laminated Boilo, Pre-Laminated HDHMR Doors & Laminated HDF Flooring has created a niche in the market with their performance. In developing the best technology we have been creating hassle-free products that do not require any special care. Just wiping with a wet cloth will keep them sparkling clean.