Grandeur Del Tongo Creta Frame Kitchen

Grandeur announced the addition of Del Tongo's Creta Frame Kitchen Collection to its wide selection of aesthetic offerings for Indian homes. Inspired by Andalusian living, the collection is crafted using natural wood veneer and brings the tranquility and uncluttered feel of the Spanish South to Indian homes.

Designed by the Centro Ricerca e Sviluppo at Del Tongo, the selection comes in natural wood veneer and lacquered open-pore veneer. Available in a variety of colours, the handleless kitchens are ideal for an open lifestyle where living spaces seamlessly integrate with each other. The design reflects Andalusian sensibilities with its focus on a sober look, large-yet-proportioned sections and a discreet presence in the background. The geometric cabinets have a thin, minimal frame around the door and carry a subtle, yet distinct character. With its intentionally soft tones and balanced, minimal look, the collection is made for relaxed, uncluttered living.

Speaking on the association with Del Tongo, the Director of Grandeur, Mr. Rohin Ramchandani said, "Del Tongo kitchens are trusted world-wide for their innovative design, finish and mass-volume production capacity which gives Grandeur an opportunity to constantly bring new concepts to the Indian market. With the latest addition to the very successful Creta range, Del Tongo has introduced a modern, sophisticated and elegant kitchen concept, one that will be well received by the Indian market."

The design of the collection promotes minimalistic living while intelligently concealing minute high-tech details that have been engineered to make working in the kitchen a creative, efficient and smooth experience. Excesses are renounced in favour of clean surfaces, and an unassuming look that unobtrusively fits into existing spaces. The surfaces are available with wood finishes that lend an earthy contrast to modern settings. The CRETA FRAME collection can be viewed at all three Grandeur outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.