Bleu Concepts Cool Kitchen

Bleu Concepts, known for a wide range of kitchens, wardrobes, furniture and storage solutions recently launches affordable 'Cool Kitchen' which is designed in compact module sizes readily to best fit in all types of site sizes. The concept is inspired from an Island Kitchen style, having a small hob with Island chimney combined with sitting counter accommodating a small storage for things of daily use. The Cool Kitchen is coated in laminate and duco paint further giving it a contemporary look and making the Kitchen very affordable and is available in varied shades of brown. The Kitchen fits very well especially where there is a combined dining and in order to retain the compactness of the kitchen, the choices of appliances and fixtures are already gracefully executed.

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Cool Kitchen
The name itself, 'Cool Kitchen' tries to convey the exact message to its customers by giving a lively and refreshing look to the kitchen space and at the same time it also offers economical price range. The kitchen is designed in a stylish manner accompanied with elegant function in order to create a unique style, which is effortlessly customizable in form and profile. The shutters are pre-laminated used with a combination of white paint to avoid rust to settle in and is made up of high quality MR grade plywood.

Manish Jain, Director, Bleu Concepts, says, "The Cool Kitchen is basically designed to give flexibility to the customers as the kitchen compliment all types of site sizes. The style adopted in this Kitchen is contemporary, which gives a young and elegant look to the kitchen space accompanied with great comfort as the feature involved here is very functional."