Thinking about renovating the most important room in your house? ~Switch to “Built-in” to make life easy~

Mr. Ajaz Vakil, General Manager- Project Sales at BSH Household Appliances Manufacturing Pvt Ltd - Siemens Home Appliances India

A kitchen is a special place in your abode. It's not just a place that creates your meals – it also evokes memories of a mother's cooking and delicious food. While the warmth and feel have remained unchanged over the years, kitchens have undergone massive changes from its earlier traditional avatars. Today, Kitchens reflect a slice of your life and your passion for good living. It has come to become the most important room in your house.

Among the other trends in the kitchens' spaces, one notable trend is that of open kitchens. This trend has been overwhelmingly embraced by homeowners across the countries. In fact, people are turning away from covering their kitchens with walls and doors which provides them with good opportunities of displaying their swanky and chic kitchens.

What do you mean by Built-in?
"Built-in" as a concept which had tiptoed into the lives of the Indian households not very long ago has witnessed a sharp upward swing recently. More and more people are switching from traditional kitchens to easy-to-manage and good looking ones. Gone are the days when good homes were the preserve of the rich and wealthy.

Siemens Built-in-Kitchen Appliances

The term built-in appliances are often loosely referred to integrated appliances that are fitted into a pre-existing countertops and cabinetry or otherwise called. For example, the difference between a built in fridge and a fully integrated fridge is that built-in is integrated to fit in with all other kitchen units. Integrated on the other hand will have its own door fitted to its outside face so as to blend in with its adjoining units.

Owning a built-in kitchen ensures you of the following advantages:- So with such advantages at your disposal, it's time to switch to a smarter "built-in" kitchen which not only provides the best technology but also higher efficiency, durability and advanced design.
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