Italian brand Nero Cucine was recognized with the prestigious Architizer A+ Award for its Hyper Kitchen N037 whose main feature is a dynamic countertop that can be raised to turn an elegant block into a fully functional kitchen

How a Dynamic Countertop Transforms the Kitchen

At first glance, this kitchen is striking for its inherent sculptural simplicity and monolithic look: a precious surface made of Corian (or marble) and seemingly inadequate for prepping elaborate meals. It can be lifted through the innovative Wing Top mechanism designed by Nero Cucine to uncover a stainless-steel countertop featuring a working area with a welded sink and a retractable faucet.

How a Dynamic Countertop Transforms the KitchenThe flap up countertop integrates an LED strip underneath.

The Wing Top mechanism is completely concealed, and is operated manually, ensuring smooth operability and durability over time. Once the top is fully up, forming a 90-degree angle with the under surface, it turns into a backsplash equipped with a sensor LED light pointed at the cooking counter. The stainless-steel backsplash alleviates the potential concern of staining the material on the exposed top, while adding a clean aesthetic look to the design.

How a Dynamic Countertop Transforms the KitchenLifting up the countertop, unveiling the light from within.

The Hyper Kitchen N037 also features an innovative and sustainable tubular steel structure that contains top-of-the-line Boom Motion Legrabox drawers, available in either metal or solid walnut dovetail. This model is equipped with internal LED lights.
The kitchen redefines the traditional paradigm of function versus form by creating two distinct instances where one can prevail over the other. When the countertop is closed, the monolithic island exists as a sculptural piece. When raised and recessed, it becomes a highly functional workspace. It can also be used as a wet or dry bar.

The N037 was launched in 2021; it offers a full range of customizable dimensions, materials and colour options to match a variety of tastes. It is designed for residential or commercial kitchens, and is ideal for contemporary and minimalist spaces, with its combination of functionality and understated elegance.

Photo credit: Nero Cucine
Source: V2com