Samir Patel, Co-Founder & Director, Arancia Kuchen, discusses the latest material and colour trends in modular kitchens

What trends do you see emerging in kitchen design, materials, and colors?
In recent times, the focus of consumers has been shifting from simply aesthetics to durability and sturdiness. To cater to these needs, Arancia Kuchen offers a wide range of products that are low on maintenance and at the same time gives kitchens an aesthetic appeal.
Samir Patel, Arancia Modular Kitchens
Our range of modular kitchens is built on the foundations of ample storage, functionality, durability, and low maintenance; this is because our expert team of designers strive to design the best modular kitchens, keeping in mind individual tastes and preferences of Arancia Kuchen buyers

Samir Patel

The preference for solid colors is increasing. We have recently launched 12 metallic shades in our Membrane Range which gives the impression of real Gold, Copper and Silver. These shades and textures can be used in various furniture products like bedroom sets, dressing units, crockery units, wall paneling, TV units, etc.

Moreover, based on the current trend of seamless kitchen cabinet shutters, we are offering an acrylic range under our Concors range of shutters, in Marine Ply.

Is there a special focus on germ-resistant surface materials for kitchens?
In light of the current situation, anti-bacterial solutions are the need of the hour. At Arancia Kuchen, we understand the importance of safety and are therefore offering the option of products with germ-resistant materials and surfaces. In fact, we have put special emphasis on ensuring that our products are made of germ-resistant materials.

What technology/hardware fittings are present in Arancia kitchens?
We offer a wide range of hardware fittings in Arancia Kuchen and at the same time, if desired, we also offer the option of Blum hardware. Our aim is to ensure that a wide collection of products should be available to customers of Arancia Kuchen to cater to their diverse needs.

What new kitchen models is Arancia developing/offering?
Our Metallic range of foils in membrane shutters is the latest addition to our product line. These shutters provide a metallic, polished look to the kitchen furniture and makes the furniture indistinguishable from what real metal looks like – giving a dynamic look to the kitchen interiors. Textured metallic shades are also available in this range, which can be used as highlighters, if desired.

What is the lifespan, maintenance requirements and after sales services offered by Arancia?
We offer 5 years of conditional warranty on all Arancia Kuchen products. After-sales services is catered by our franchise partners. For any manufacturing defects, customers can get the products replaced whereas if any parts are damaged due to regular wear and tear then a nominal fee is charged by our franchise for replacement.

We have a pan India presence with around 50 franchisees across the country, and 5 franchisees in Nepal. We are also exporting our products to Canada, Oman, UAE and Australia.