Evershine Appliances is offering a new range of smart storage units for space optimization in kitchens under its Olive brand

Making of a Smart Kitchen

The SMARTEK range of Kitchen Drawers under the Olive brand is the result of the company’s continuous design and development of products that follow the latest global trends. The company’s aim is to supply its made in India kitchen products, that are of European-style and quality, to both the international and domestic markets.
Bankim Patel, Founder & Chairman, Olive Group
SMARTEK product portfolio is specially designed to give an ultra-modern look to kitchens. The range caters to architects and interior designers of high-end residences who are keen to visualize their kitchen look and design using the latest and most advanced products

Bankim Patel, Founder & Chairman, Olive Group

To design every type of modular kitchen, the company is offering different types of multipurpose drawers with high durability and superior quality, including top quality inputs in the newly launched SMARTEK ABS drawers. The SMARTEK Kitchen Drawers with virgin ABS material come in two variants (glass and aluminum gallery rails) to enhance their look and durability. The glass drawers with ABS material have glass rails that are horizontally placed and connected with ABS material corner drawers.