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Movable Spaces is one of the most popular concepts in metros and mini-metros as people are more aware of the importance of architectural hardware and its functionality in enabling the same furniture to be used for multiple purposes, writes Shyam Motwani, Executive VP & Business Head, Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems

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On an average, countries like US and UK spend over 5-6 hours a week cooking in the kitchen, while in India, the average time is 13 hours – the highest among other countries. There are enough reports which highlight how cooking and eating together enhances the relationship between family members. India is witnessing the rise of the ‘Neo-middle class’ and nuclear family set-ups in urban areas. BCG study estimates that by 2025, about 40% of India’s population will be living in urban areas. This is eventually paving way for two other changes: reducing the size of homes and use of multi-utility furniture.

When space is limited, it takes smart planning to create a multifunctional and aesthetically appealing kitchen; but compromising on size doesn’t mean having to compromise on style. Therefore, even minor kitchen remodels can help homeowners get better returns on investment when renting or selling the flat.

Today, houses are becoming smaller in size and people prefer to design interiors that make optimum use of space. While ‘Movable Spaces’ is not a new concept, it is one of the most popular concepts in metros and mini-metros. People are more aware of the importance of architectural hardware and its functionality thus utilizing the same furniture for multiple uses. For example, a bed slides up merging to the wall, dining table sliders, cabinet sliders, etc.

With modular kitchens becoming a trend, it has emerged as one of the most preferred places to remodel. For instance, movable kitchen counters are the best way to make space when needed. A portable kitchen island or top that effortlessly glides into a corner is not only multipurpose; it is also intelligent design for smaller homes.

It is all about working with the layout of the space to make your kitchen more functional and aesthetically appealing. A good example of this is the magic corner and carousel that effectively utilize the corners of the rectangular kitchens for keeping larger utensils and grocery. Godrej Kitchen Systems has gathered some of the best small design ideas to help add storage and style to homes, especially kitchens.

Shyam Motwani

In kitchen renovation projects, the main emphasis is on ergonomics and durability. This is where architectural hardware plays a vital role, as it is the spine of a modular kitchen. The right architectural hardware can make a kitchen design more functional and aesthetically appealing

Shyam Motwani

Add a Prep Area

You may not have space to expand or add a full island, so think about bringing in a table that can do double duty as a place to prep and to dine. Adding a multi-drawer unit under the console or a moveable trolley can work as a spot to place tools and ingredients while cooking. Even the ergo boxes that have separate compartments for keeping different types of cutlery are now available in slimmer variants for smaller kitchens.

Keep It Concealed

A small one-wall kitchen does not need to be the focal point of the space—especially if it is a studio. Install swing drawers or magic corner trays that close and hide clutter when not in use. You may also integrate a tall unit into the wall as hideaway shelving saves space that blends into the room, making it look more spacious.

Pay Attention to Channels

Often, people cut corners with sub-standard channels. They often prefer to use the utensils directly after washing them, leaving residual water dripping onto the channels. The moisture – especially during monsoons – affects the smooth functioning of the channels due to rusting and dust accumulation.

Removable Shelves

Our Indian kitchens are scattered with small containers of spices, vegetables, kitchen utensils that may or may not be used daily. These cramp the space. Removing the upper cabinetry and replacing it with shelving, opens the space up. Using baskets or organizer trays on these shelves to accommodate items that you don’t use frequently, can make the room feel wider with the ‘moveable storage option’. Or, you may opt for a basket with a movable separator. This helps to create space for those odd sized plates and bowls when not in use.

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Open It Up

While the size and shape of the room impacts how functional the kitchen can be, what is even more important are the dimensions of the furniture/appliances within it. It is often difficult to open up a kitchen, but you can add light and air by removing a small section of the wall. With the right hinges and springs, a door can help connect the kitchen to the rest of the living space. For the overhead cabinets, use a good soft pro solution (hydraulic system) that offers an easy, effortless opening and closing motion. The job of these systems is to allow the seamless and progressive operation to keep the cabinet door open at any desired position.

Lighten Up

Even with plenty of storage, all that cabinetry can make the space feel dark and cramped. So, use a coat of bright paint to lighten up the kitchen and use exposed shelving for a sense of openness.
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