Zero 9

The kitchen is a linear space with two long working counters built parallely along the length for providing maximum workable area. The large window that reaches the floor, allows maximum light. The Blue Quartz Stone counter is complemented by a wallpaper textured back painted glass in blue and white. It adds colour to the neutral white acrylic coated shutters. The shutters are easy to maintain and are scratch-resistant. A PVC rolling shutter in the corner unit houses the mixer, juicer and microwave.

Materials: The cabinet is of high gloss laminate and counter top is in blue quartz stone and dado in customised blue back painted glass.
Fittings: Siemens hob and chimney, and in-built microwave. Hafele cabinet fittings
Lighting: Philips LED panel light
Sink: Futura
Faucets: Jaquar
Flooring: Italian marble on flooring
Walls: dado on walls in back painted glass
Special feature: Fully customised back painted glass on dado wall
Approx cost: Rs 7 lakhs
Prashant Chauhan

The aim was to design a kitchen that looked spacious, but the challenge was in incorporating colours for reasons of Vastu and to reflect the identity of the home-owner
Ar. Prashant Chauhan, Zero9

Zero 9
This white and green coloured kitchen by Zero 9 is visually connected to the living area and dining area. The kitchen is designed as a counter flanked by a bar counter that doubles as a dry counter. This island counter is an informal rendezvous between the kitchen and the living area so mood lighting was introduced on top. A pattern of lime green and white colour tiles was introduced on the back splash to complement the white PU shutters and cream marble. This was broken by adding a lime green back pained glass with motif, which was repeated on the mood lights above the bar. This addition of colour visually connected the kitchen to the in-lit onyx dining table with lime green accents.

The counter top is in marble and dado in white and green tiles, cabinets are white PU.

Vitrified tiles on flooring and dado on walls in ceramic tiles

Siemens hob and chimney and fittings from Hettich Mood lighting on top of island counter, LED panel light, and induction hob

The sink is customized with faucets from Jaquar, and backsplash tiles in white and green.

Approx cost: Rs 7 lakhs

Zero 9